Ms Agnes Chia

30 Sep 2020
Agnes started getting involved as a volunteer with the social services in 2000. She began her career in the social service sector in 2001 after spending some time in the communications industry.  It was then she embarked on working with families, groups and micro-communities. Agnes is currently Chief Service Officer at Care Corner Singapore overseeing its range of services. Having worked as a social worker with families facing challenges related to poverty, single parenthood, homelessness and addictions among others, Agnes’ research interests lie in the impact of asset-poverty on child outcomes and family development. More recently in the past decade, she has also furthered her practice in the areas of family violence as well as child development. In particular, she championed the setting up of the third family violence specialist centre in 2011 and has since been highly vested in both family protection as well as early childhood development.
Agnes is also well-versed in social leadership, social administration, and organiational development for the non-profits. She started serving at the Singapore Association of Social Workers in 2011 undertaking several positions over the years, including serving as its President from 2015 to 2017. She is currently Chair for Professional Ethics to the association and also volunteers her time in several other boards and committees in the social and health sectors.