Ms Eng Peng Peng

30 Sep 2020
Peng Peng is a Medical Social Worker in KKH since 2000. Her training background is in Social Work and Counselling. Her exposures have been in paediatric oncology discipline, child abuse, teenage pregnancy and pregnant women with risk issues such as intimate partner violence, substance addiction and mental health. Besides direct case management, she is also supporting and mentoring her fellow colleagues and providing supervision for younger colleagues. She finds it satisfying to work in a multi-disciplinary setting  and the community by empowering them with knowledge about needs of vulnerable children, women and families. She finds the goal of working with different professionals to safeguard the well- being and safety of children and women worthy and meaningful.

In the profession of social work and mental health counselling, she feels that social workers’ lives are not very normal and uncomfortable as they are absorbing and holding people’s distress and dilemmas when “bad things happened”. She hopes that that just as social workers have expectations towards themselves to improve so that they can be of help to others, they also need to be kind to themselves too when they are imperfect, ashamed, afraid and doubtful and to seek out and reach out to a likeminded community to support themselves in this journey.