Ms Irene Loi

30 Sep 2020
Helping children and families move away from their cycle of abuse and crime to become well-integrated members of society.

With over 35 years of experience, Irene is a highly trained counsellor with a strong background in social service. She sits on several boards, such as Boys’ Town, Montfort Care, Catholic Welfare Services and Agape Village. She volunteers in these agencies, where she develops staff training programmes, clinical and peer supervision for professionals, and consultancy in organisational development.

Prior to her retirement in 2018, Irene was the Executive Director of Boys’ Town for 11 years. Her passion in developing the social service agency led to its growth from a small organisation of 20 to one with over 100 employees. The Boys Town was awarded the Non-Profit Organisation of the Year by NVPC in 2011.

For children in the out-of-home care arrangement, Irene spearheaded programmes that provided continuum of care, which ranges from residential care and fostering to reunifying children with their families. Among the programmes implemented were specialised therapy and adventure programmes, reaching out to youths on the street, and an alternative schooling programme for at-risk children and youth.

Irene is passionate about working with vulnerable children and families. She holds post-graduate and specialist qualifications in counselling therapies.