Ms Peng Hai Ying

21 Jan 2021

Pioneering programmes to achieve inclusion and a ‘wall-less’ concept of service delivery

Haiying is a certified social work supervisor and an executive coach. She is passionate about journeying with leaders to facilitate transformation and accelerate individual development. She had worked as a Child Protection Officer, Senior Social Worker and Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer in a number of settings including Family Service Centres, Disability Homes and organisations serving children in need.
Haiying had specialised in family violence and addictions work as well as family therapy.
In the area of disability, Haiying pioneered programmes to achieve real inclusion and a ‘wall-less’ concept of service delivery. Haiying believes strongly on working closely with the community surrounding its PwDs in creating meaningful and impactful networks for the PwDs and their families. 
In her role as CEO of Children’s Cancer Foundation, Haiying works with her team on an integrated service model consisting of therapeutic play to help children impacted with cancer and their families.