Ms Zulaiha Yusuf

30 Sep 2020
Zulaiha’s passion lies in the areas of organisational competency and preparedness, focussing on governance, planning, policies, human resources and systems. Having helped MENDAKI to achieve several awards in this area, she strongly believes awards are not for visual trophy but a way to benchmark the organisation against best-in-class standards and practices so that they can serve the community to the best of their ability. It is during such challenging times that sound organisational foundation becomes critical.

Pulsing the community to understand their needs and reaching out is an important last-mile bridge connecting the community to good programmes as programmes need to be meaningful to the people using it. She oversees MENDAKI’s outreach efforts through the satellite centres at the heartlands and youth spaces at the ITE colleges. They set up the Youth Mentoring Office (YMO) in 2019 to build a mentoring culture in the community.
She is currently serving on the Board of the Films Appeal Committee (IMDA), Total Defence Award Evaluation Board (SAF), Media Literacy Council (IMDA) and Crest Secondary School (MOE). Previously, she served on the Board of the Taskforce on Upstream Measures for Prevention of Child Abuse (MSF) and PPIS Family Therapy Institute Advisory Committee as a member.