Music Mirrors Me: A Lyrics Analysis Workshop by Association of Music Therapy (Singapore)

08 Sep 2021

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Music is often an extension of who youths are and how they view themselves in the world. Music Mirrors Me (MMM) is a therapeutic method of using existing songs to facilitate meaningful discussions. Engaging in song discussions can help youths relate to the experiences within a song. Lyric discussions can also help youths identify and express emotions in a more natural and comfortable way. The workshop will also share handy prompts youths can use in engaging in lyric discussions with their peers.

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 Evelyn Lee - AMTS x BTLFEST 21

Evelyn Lee
Music Therapist,  Association of Music Therapy (Singapore)

Evelyn Lee graduated from University of Melbourne and has been a registered music therapist for eight years. 

She currently runs her own private practice focusing on music-based mental health and dementia care. 

Besides practising music therapy, Evelyn is an avid speaker on music and mental wellness for adolescents and older adults. 

Evelyn is also the past president of AMTS.

 Jolene Yee Music Therapist,  Association of Music Therapy (Singapore)

Jolene Yee
Music Therapist,  Association of Music Therapy (Singapore)

Jolene Yee has a background in psychology and holds a Masters in Music Therapy from the University of Melbourne. She constantly looks out for the under-served in our communities and has provided music therapy services locally and in Australia. With the firm belief in empowering others, Jolene designed a music therapy program with Fei Yue Community Services (Youth Division) and worked closely with street youths to discover their strengths and identity, harness their voices and express themselves through music. Jolene believes in the importance of journeying alongside others, supporting and holding space with music.

 Marcus Lee x BTL Fest 21

Marcus Lee
Musician and Mental Health Advocate

Marcus Lee 李俊緯 is one of Singapore's most promising acts, who has proven himself across a multitude of disciplines as a bilingual singer-songwriter, actor, host and model.

In 2017, Marcus won the Singapore selection stage of Sing! China, and was a featured artist on Temasek's The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR) Season 2. Recently, Marcus was also awarded the "Artist of The Year (Non-English)" award at the Youth Music Awards 2021, an award that recognises the top young music talents in Singapore.

Having landed recurring roles in television series such as on Mediacorp Channel 5's 20 Days and long-form KIN, Marcus has also featured as a food host for online publication AsiaOne, and has worked as a brand partner for international brands such as Justin Cassin and Beyerdynamic. 

His debut full-length album “For You, I Can” was released on 6 August 2021 and is now out on all digital platforms.

Note: Kindly note that this session will be recorded for record-keeping and will also be put up for viewing online after the session.