Roseanne, Deaf

31 Jul 2019


Roseanne is introverted, soft-spoken and does not often express her feelings, especially when meeting new people. She is most comfortable sharing more of herself with her friends. Yet, when Roseanne was 18 she saw a dance performance by a few dancers who were deaf and felt compelled to try out some dance lessons run by them. She has always loved listening to music and dancing, but at first found the classes difficult to follow. It would take a further two years before she built up the confidence to join the Hip-Hop crew called Redeafination.

Like a majority of the Redeafination crew, she happens to be deaf and she trains and performs regularly with them spreading awareness and promoting the arts in the Deaf community. When she is not hanging out with her fellow dancers she indulges in watching variety shows or reading comics.

Despite using a hearing aid in her left ear, Roseanne face challenges in trying to communicate with people who can hear, including her own family. Occasionally, she finds it tiring to lip read and listen to the conservation. Sometimes she misinterprets what people are saying and often feels like the last person to know what is happening. Although people make the effort to repeat parts of the group conversation she can feel left out and resorts to doing her own thing like playing games on her mobile.

To help get past these communication barriers Roseanne suggests getting her attention first before trying to speaking to her. She asks that people make the effort to articulate what they are saying, speaking slowly and clearly and ensuring they are not covering their lips. If that does not work well then you can always write down or use gestures to get across the message. Just a little bit of patience is needed and be ready to repeat the message a few times.

Saying that, Roseanne does not let these challenges get her down and aspires to be an entrepreneur and have her own business in the future. She would also love to travel the world, meet new people and learn about different cultures.