Singapore Airlines Charity Flight

23 May 2018
The concept of taking flight has always been associated with promise and possibility, and SIA gave 300 beneficiaries under the care of Community Chest, a taste of “taking flight” for the first time in 2015, when the inaugural Singapore Airlines Charity Flight lifted off the tarmac!

The SIA Charity Flight saw children with special needs, underprivileged elderly and families, and people with disabilities taking to the skies. Many of them have never had the opportunity to take a flight, so the three-hour flight about the region was an exciting experience for them. The delicious in-flight meals, movies and special performances by SIA’s world-famous cabin crew also made it an experience of a lifetime for so many!
As a partner of Community Chest, Singapore Airlines (SIA) demonstrates the same commitment it has towards its staff and customers towards this partnership, often bringing fresh and winning ideas to the table for their fundraising concepts.
The SIA Charity Flight was a unique idea that leveraged on SIA’s strengths to bring cheer to the disadvantaged community, but in 2014, two other unique events by SIA raised about $2.5 million for Community Chest’s over 80 charities.

The first of two events was the unique “Around the World” themed Charity Gala Dinner held at The Capella; members of the award-winning SIA International Culinary Panel served an exquisite selection of gourmet dishes that were specially created for this exclusive gastronomic event.
The SIA Charity Run, the second of the two events, included a 10-km Competitive Run, a 5-km Fun Run and a Kids Dash. This aviation-themed Charity Run attracted 13,000 participants from all walks of life doing their part for charity.

“Singapore Airlines has been a longstanding supporter of Community Chest and its causes. The fund-raising activities were very meaningful as it enabled our staff to come together to engage the public directly.”
- Mr Christopher Cheng, Senior Vice President Human Resources, SIA Group