Small Team, Big Hearts

07 Jan 2018

Even the smallest teams can make a big difference. Kevin Tan, Director of Pantropic, is testament to that. After all, a volunteerism partnership between his software firm, Pantropic and social service organization, Lion Befrienders is an example of fruitful corporate giving.
The director’s interest in the social service sector came about after his firm attended a corporate social responsibility event in 2017. With NCSS and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) stepping in to facilitate a fitting partnership, Pantropic found their cause of choice in the Lions Befrienders.
Bringing seniors to their medical appointments is no mere transportation or chauffeur service, but answers directly to their healthcare and even social needs. This crucial service goes a long way in ensuring interaction, regular checks on their health, and maintaining their overall well-being.


With this in mind, Pantropic’s management was happy to offer long-term and direct support  with a dedicated team of staff volunteers. Like a business plan put into action, all staff were welcomed into this volunteerism project, starting with an office-wide meeting to recruit those who were interested.
With all hands and hearts on board, the Pantropic volunteer team worked closely with the Lion Befrienders to establish an initial buddy system. The accompaniment of a trained Befriender buddy helped the I.T professionals familiarise themselves with their new volunteer duties. Over time, these fresh medical escorts have been able to perform their stints independently when paired with the charity’s elderly service users.
Pantropic’s 12-member team has proven the viability of their volunteer project. Every employee gets involved in planning their community service as they rearrange their workloads and distribute volunteer shifts among themselves. With all kinks in the system ironed out internally, the big-hearted team have been able to settle into their new roles as medical escorts and give back to the community.
Thinking of getting your office into volunteering? Its easy to get your office and peers involved in using the e-learning resources available here. You can also look into volunteering opportunities at or via SG Cares app, available on the App Store and on Google Play.