SSI WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service and WSQ Diploma in Social Service

02 Aug 2019

Ms Elean Yeo, Supervisor, Moral Student Care Centre (Bukit Panjang)

Ms Elean Yeo is part of the existing pool of about 300 individuals who graduated from the flagship Diploma in Social Service (DSS) and Higher Diploma in Social Service (HDSS) programmes at SSI. The supervisor at the Moral Student Care Centre (Bukit Panjang) first acquired the DSS before going on to do a HDSS. She is currently working on attaining her Bachelor of Social Work from UniSim.

This alternative pathway is part of the Social Service Institute (SSI)’s efforts to cultivate and attract new talent to join the social service sector.

This pathway was conceptualised by SSI for those who are interested in joining the social service sector but do not possess the necessary qualifications.

As of October 2015, the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency have collaboratively developed two new Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training courses that will replace the DSS and HDSS. After extensive collaboration and intensive consultations with social service industry stakeholders, the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service and the WSQ Diploma in Social Service both now have refreshed content that is aligned with the nationally recognised WSQ system. 

The knowledge and experience that Elean has gained from the training she has received from SSI have helped her to become better at what she does. Often, the value of these learning programmes goes beyond just the knowledge acquired:

“The interactivity during the classes and the opportunity to forge friendships with like-minded practitioners from the field made the learning experience enjoyable and enriching.”