Beyond the Label Ambassador: Veena | NCSS Singapore

28 Sep 2021

Veena - BTL Ambassador

Having gone through a major surgery, Veena discovered her anxiety disorder when she returned to work 2 months after resting at home.

Feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety overwhelmed Veena when she started having difficulty remembering things and not being able to perform at her usual best.

Symptoms such as tightness in the chest, stomach aches and muscle tension can also be indictive of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Thankfully for Veena, she always had the firm support of her parents. They encouraged her and continuously reminded her of who she was as a person. Veena shares that having her father take her condition seriously allowed her to have open communication with him and he was always there to lend a listening ear to her fears and anxiousness.

Veena now focuses on enjoying life and being happy as much as she can, refusing to let anxiety take control of her again. ❤

If you or anyone you know is overwhelmed with stress or anxiety find the help you need via Belle, the Beyond the Label helpbot. Take the first step to recovery by seeking help early.