10 Corporate and Community Partners Pledge their Support to Promote Inclusion
  • Over 200 touchpoints to empower the participation of persons with disabilities in society
  • Launch of music video to celebrate abilities, directed by Royston Tan
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Singapore Mental Health Conference 2019 Explores Empowerment for Resilience and Recovery
The 2019 edition of the Singapore Mental Health Conference (SMHC) will be opened by Guest of Honour, President Halimah Yacob on 30 January 2019
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NCSS Study Reveals that Workplace Adjustments in Companies Will Address Barriers to Hiring Persons with Mental Health Conditions
  • Findings highlight that workplace adjustments have wide ranging benefits for companies and all its employees
  • NCSS partners with the WorkWell Leaders Workgroup – a grounds-up collective of private and public-sector leaders – to champion for workplace wellbeing as a priority
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NCSS Launches First Nation-Wide Campaign to Fight Mental Health Stigma
  • Findings from a new NCSS attitude study found that 7 in 10 believe that persons with mental health conditions experience stigma and discrimination
  • The "Beyond the Label" campaign hopes to build empathy and encourage the public to view persons in recovery beyond their mental health diagnosis
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NCSS Explores Piloting New Funding Models with Sector For Long Term Sustainability
NCSS Explores Piloting New Funding Models with Sector for Long-Term Sustainability
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