Bite-size Project

Bite-size Project aims to improve the productivity of social service agencies with the help of appointed consultants. Six pre-determined categories were made available for agencies to apply, namely:

  • Client Empowerment, 
  • Community Resources, 
  • Device or Technology Enabler, 
  • Financial Processes, 
  • Process Improvement, and 
  • Utilisation of Space

Four of the categories (listed below) are now open for application under VCF Pre-scoped Consultancy. Click here for more details. 

  • Process Improvement
  • Ready Technology Enabler 
  • Community Resources 
  • Space Utilisation 

Overview of Bite-size Project Outcomes



Hear from social service agencies that have embarked on Bite-size Projects!

Client Empowerment

Clients can play an active role in choosing what is best for them. Client Empowerment is about giving clients the opportunity to make decisions and play bigger roles in their activities with the social service agencies.

Find out how TOUCH developed new frameworks through Bite-size Project to empower youth to gain confidence and take on more leadership roles in their programmes. 

Community Resources

The community has many resources that social service agencies may tap on. Leveraging on these resources would enable agencies to serve their clients better. 

Find out how Metta Welfare Association enhanced its productivity through strengthening its processes in community involvement and expanded their resources.


Device or Technology Enabler

Devices and technology offer many possibilities in enhancing productivity. 

Find out how Playeum achieved productivity gains through Bite-size Project.

Utilisation of Space

Space is a scarce resource and can be optimised to serve the needs of clients and staff. 

Find out how Bite-size Project supported SPD to achieve better efficiency in the use of space.

Process Improvement

Optimising processes allow agencies to have more time to focus on things that truly matters - clients' needs. 

Find out how Bite-size Project supported Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre to streamline their existing processes to better meet clients' needs.

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icon Client Empowerment

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icon Device or Technology Enabler

icon Process Improvement

icon Utilisation of Space