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NCSS Service Standards

The NCSS Service Standards support social service agencies in attaining higher standards of service delivery to improve service user outcomes.

In 2021, the refreshed Service Standards Framework was launched in consultation with sector experts, professional bodies, ministry divisions and social service agencies to ensure service continuity and quality in a post-pandemic environment.

Aligned to the Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) Roadmap 2022, the refreshed Service Standards will enable agencies to refine their practices, processes and programmes to be empowering, collaborative, person-centric, sustainable for the future.

A total of 31 service standards across 9 mutually reinforcing domains were developed. For more information on how NCSS Service Standards can value-add to your programmes, do email

NCSS Service Standards



  • 5-stage Checklist

    View the Service Standards 5-stage checklist and explore how it can help your agency track service improvement journey.

  • Community of Practice for Service Standards (COPSS)

    In ensuring the continued relevance, feasibility, and adoption of the NCSS Service Standards Framework, a Community of Practice for Service Standards comprising practitioners and professionals from agencies across various subsectors had been convened in 2022.

    To find out how your agency can be a part of this initiative, contact us via email at

  • Service Standards Playbook

    A publication to support SSAs with resources, templates and guidance on use of Service Standards to facilitate deeper thinking.

    To use the NCSS Service Standards Playbook effectively, readers may wish to read the Playbook in whole or use the reading guide below to zoom into sections that may be applicable at different points in time:

    Chapter 1:

    • Developments of the NCSS Service Standards Framework
    • Overview of the Service Standards Domains


    Chapter 2:

    • Instruction guide to using the NCSS Service Standards Self-Assessment in planning the ideal state of service delivery as well as identifying strengths and domain areas to be developed.


    Chapter 3:

    • Zoom into the specific sections of identified domains to be developed for tips, templates and case studies by SSAs championing the NCSS Service Standards.


  • Service Standards E-Learning Curriculum (COMING SOON!)

    An online portal that helps social service professionals understand and adopt the Service Standards as part of their agencies’ work processes and practices in the sector.