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From To SSA Name Event Name Appr Ref No
details 13/05/2023 13/05/2023 BABES PREGNANCY CRISIS SUPPORT LTD. Pregnant and Popped THE Baby Fair for MUMS 2023040289
details 13/05/2023 13/05/2023 MAMRE OAKS LIMITED Charity Gala Dinner 2023040296
details 06/05/2023 06/05/2023 Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) MDAS Flag Day 2023 2023030257
details 01/05/2023 07/05/2023 Food from the Heart Roadshow at FairPrice Xtra @ Changi Business Park 2023040277
details 01/05/2023 30/11/2023 NCSS CHARITABLE FUND Istana Open House 2023 2023040285
details 01/05/2023 12/11/2023 Man Fut Tong Nursing Home Charity Fair 2023030276
details 30/04/2023 30/06/2023 The National Kidney Foundation April to June 2023 Fundraising Events 2023040297
details 29/04/2023 01/05/2023 SINGHEALTH FUND May the 4th Photobooth 2023040293
details 28/04/2023 27/05/2023 Handicaps Welfare Association Wheel, Walk or Jog and Family Carnival 2023 2023040290
details 25/04/2023 02/05/2023 Singapore Disability Sports Council Citi Para Swimming World Series 2023 2023040280
details 24/04/2023 30/04/2023 SASCO SENIOR CITIZENS' HOME DIRECT DONOR DEBIT PROGRAMME April 2023 2023040288
details 22/04/2023 22/04/2023 BLESSED GRACE SOCIAL SERVICES LIMITED BGSS FLAG DAY Y2023 - 22 APRIL 2023 2023030274
details 17/04/2023 28/05/2023 AMKFSC COMMUNITY SERVICES LTD. AMKFSC Community Services Charity Draw 2023 2023030260
details 17/04/2023 23/04/2023 Muslim Missionary Society, Singapore, The Roadshow 2023030271
details 16/04/2023 07/07/2023 Muslim Missionary Society, Singapore, The Road Show ,House to house , Street sale,Collection,Donation booth 2023040286
details 10/04/2023 26/05/2023 The Red Pencil (Singapore) Charity Art Exhibition (28 April to 30 April) 2023040283
details 07/04/2023 09/04/2023 TABUNG AMAL AIDILFITRI TRUST FUND CELEBFEST Ramadan 2023030267
details 06/04/2023 20/08/2023 Children's Cancer Foundation Hair for Hope 2023 2023040282
details 05/04/2023 18/06/2023 Public Free Clinic Society 2023 PFCS Street Collections (Apr-Jun) 2023030266
details 02/04/2023 30/06/2023 Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution HOUSE TO HOUSE STREET COLLECTION 2023030275

Verify Fund Raising Event

You can check if a social service agency has a valid permit to raise funds from the public via the following methods:


SMS Verification Service by Charities Unit, MCCY
SMS “FR<space><NCSS Approval No.>” to  79777 (e.g. FR 2011130000)


QR Code
Scan the code with your smartphone.
You can download the QR Code scanner software from your smartphone’s app store.

C)Search for the Agency name on Charity Portal - List of approved Fund Raising Permit
D)Go to NCSS webpage >Funding, Schemes and Common Services > Fund Raising Permits. Select the agency name by the drop down list

The ‘NCSS Approval No.’ can be found on the Collector’s Certificate of Authority (CCA) that all collectors are obliged to carry with them. View the sample CCA and where to find the NCSS Approval No.

Click here to view the fund-raising events approved by the Police Licensing Division

View the Advisory for Fund-raisers doing Street Collections amidst COVID-19 [as of April 2020]