Fund Raising Event Details

NCSS Approval Reference Number
Event Name
Fundraising Events for Beneficiaries
Fund Raising Permit
Collection Mode
Others, Please Specify: Cheque Donation via Donation Envelope, Fundraising for cash (washing cars)
Period of Collection - From (dd/MM/yyyy)
Period of Collection - To (dd/MM/yyyy)
Nanyang Technological University Welfare Services Club
Name of Contact Person
Ng Sze Zhen Ivy
Telephone Number
9626 2249


Venue Specific Location Date From Date To
Bukit Timah Vanda Crescent, Vanda Rd, Eng Neo Avenue 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Greenwood Avenue, Greenwood Lane, Greenwood Crescent, Cassia Drive, Sunset Avenue, Pine Walk, Orlole Crescent, Linden Drive, Ash Grove, Vanda Avenue 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Redwood Avenue, Elm Avenue, Fir Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Oak Avenue, Maple Avenue, Lemon Avenue, Louis Avenue, Lasia Avenue, Lantana Avenue, Anamalai Avenue, Garlick Avenue, Wilby Rd, Brizay Park 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Ang Mo Kio Soo Chow walk, Soo Chow way, Jalan Lembah, Thomson Ridge, Taman Permata, Jalan Pelatina, Upper Thomson Rd, Jalan Minggu, Jalan Rabu, Jalan Khamis, Jalan Hari Raya, Jalan Pintau, Jalan Kuak 13/01/2018 13/01/2018
Serangoon Tavistock Ave, Portchester Ave, Sandown PI, Farleigh Ave, Bridport Ave, Bishops PI, Cowdray Ave, Huddington Ave, Hemsley Ave, Kingswear Ave, Serangoon Garden Way, Colchester Grove 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Watten View, Park Vale, Hillcrest Rd, Greenwood Avenue, Greendale Avenue, Arcadia Rd, Greenpark Avenue, Greenmead Avenue, Greenview Crescent, Greendale Avenue, Greenwood Walk, Greenwood Place 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah King’s Complex, King’s Walk, Victoria Park Complex, Victoria Park Rd, Coronation Rd, West Morley Rd, Cornwall Gardens, Leedon Heights, Holland Rd, Belmont Rd, Leedon Rd, Leedon Park 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Ang Mo Kio Jalan Keli, Jalan Sembilang, Jalan Belibas, Bright Hill crescent, Bright Hill Drive, Venus Rd, Windsor Park, Road Jupiter Rd, Leo Drive, Capricon Drive, Libra Drive, Ontario Rd 13/01/2018 13/01/2018
Serangoon Medway Dr,Stokesay Dr,Crowhurst Dr,Bloxhome Dr,Bodmin Dr,Borthwick Dr, Braemar Dr,Brockhampton Dr,Blandford Dr,Burghley Dr,Carisbrook Grove,Conway Grove,Chiselhurst Grove,Cardiff Grove,Coniston Grove 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Ford Ave,Jalan Haji Alias,Lor Panchar,Allamanda Garden,Jalan Lim Tai See,Jalan Ampang,Astrid Hill Queen, Astrid Park,Queen Astrid Gardens,Oei Tiong Ham park,Jalan Sampurna,Jalan Harum,Jalan Pelang 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Ang Mo Kio Toronto Rd, Florida Rd, Gardenia Rd, Carnation Drive, Orchid Drive, Gladiola Drive, Daffodil Drive, Marigold Drive, Jasmine Rd, Soo Chow View, Soo Chow Rise, Soo Chow drive 13/01/2018 13/01/2018
Bishan Pemimpin Place, Pemimpin Terrace, Jalan Pemimpin, Jalan Berjaya, Jalan Insaf, Jalan Binchang, Binchang Walk, Binchang Rise, Clover Avenue, Clover Crescent, Clover Way, Clover Rise, Clover Close 13/01/2018 13/01/2018
Bukit Timah Greenlead Rd, Maryland Drive, Bukit Sedap Rd, Adam Park, Shelford Rd, Watten Complex, Watten Terminal, Watten Park, Watten Drive, Watten Rise, Watten Est Rd, Watten Heights, Jalan Pandan, Vanda Drive 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Old Holland Ave, Sixth Ave, Sixth Crescent, Laurel Wood Ave, Namly Ave, Namly Garden, Namly Drive, Namly Place, Fifth Ave, Fourth Ave, Third Ave, Second Ave, First Ave, Duchess Place 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Holland Green, Ewart Park, Holland Rd, Greenleaf Walk, Greenleaf Drive, Greenleaf View, Greenleaf Avenue, Greenleaf Place, Greenleaf Grove, Greenleaf Rise, Ming Teck Park 28/01/2018 28/01/2018
Bukit Timah Duchess Ave, Coronation Drive, Duchess Rd, Coronation Rd, Coronation Walk, Princess of Wales King’s Rd, Lutheran Rd, Duke’s Rd, Tan Kim Cheng Rd, Prince Rd, Queen’s Rd, Empress Rd 28/01/2018 28/01/2018