Programme Objectives

  1. The Transformation Support Scheme (TSS) programme seeks to
    1. Drive transformation in the social service sector by supporting SSAs’ efforts to build resilience and adapt effectively beyond COVID-19;
    2. Leverage the experience and skills of job-seekers looking to contribute to the social service sector; 
    3. Provide funding support for Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to recruit individuals to support the implementation of Organisation Development (OD) Transformation projects required to build organisational resilience and facilitate the SSAs’ overall transformation to become more effective in the next normal.  


Eligibility Criteria for SSAs applying for the Programme

  1. Applications are open to all NCSS Full Members. Please note that SSAs applying for the programme must be ready to hire new staff in the immediate term (within 1-2 months from receiving approval for the TSS).


Scope of Funding

  1. SSAs may apply for funding for new headcount(s) to support transformation projects for up to 2 years (depending on the scope of work required), that will build organisational resilience in the short term and facilitate organisational transformation in the mid to longer term. The funding is only applicable for the 1 to 2 years duration. After which, SSAs may decide whether to convert the new hire into a permanent headcount and be prepared to support the cost fully. Potential projects to be supported include, but are not limited to,:
    1. Digitalisation and Digitisation
    2. Human Resource Management and Development
    3. Volunteer Management
    4. Process Improvement
    5. Knowledge Management
    6. Leadership Development
    7. Strategy
    8. Fund-raising and Financial Sustainability
    9. Stakeholder Engagement 

  2. SSAs may apply for up to 4 new headcounts to be supported under TSS in Year 1 to support the Transformation projects. In Year 2, SSAs may apply for support up to 2 of these headcounts if there is a need to continue with the projects beyond Year 1. NCSS will assess applications and inform SSAs on the final number of headcount(s) to be supported by the fund, based on the evaluation criteria in Table 1.

  3. The fund is only applicable for new hires (Singaporeans or Permanent Residents) not currently employed by the organisations1. SSAs are highly encouraged to take this opportunity to recruit individuals from other industries with valuable skillsets and experience that may benefit your organisation in the efforts to strengthen organisational practices. SSAs can determine the mode of employment of the new hire, as long as the organisation is contributing to the employee’s CPF. SSAs may apply for this fund to convert existing or former SG United Trainees and SG United Mid Career Pathways Trainees to formal employment if the candidate is found to be suitable.

  4. Table 1: Selection Criteria for Applications
    S/NEvaluation Criteria
    1Project strengthens internal processes and structures to build organisational resilience by:
    1. increasing SSA’s ability to ensure service and business continuity in the face of future disruptions;
    2. enhancing staff well-being.
    2Project scope and expected outcomes are clear, feasible and impactful.
    3SSA demonstrates readiness and commitment to take on project to facilitate organisational transformation through:
    1. Alignment with organisation’s strategy;
    2. Readiness to hire in the next 1-2 months;
    3. Commitment and support provided to ensure project succeeds.
    1The TSS will not subsidise the headcounts of existing staff.


Funding Support

  1. The TSS will co-fund the new hires’ gross monthly wages, capped at a payout of $4,000/month, according to the funding quantum indicated in Table 2 below2. SSAs can maximise the use of subsidies by tapping on the Jobs Growth Incentive (JDI), and/or other government schemes, in addition to the TSS, to receive up to a maximum of 90% of gross monthly wages for the hire. Please refer to the latest information on the Jobs Growth Incentive here. An example is illustrated in Table 3.
  3. Table 2: Funding from the Transformation Support Scheme
     Funding Support for New Hire
     Mature Workers
    (aged 40 years and above)
    Non-Mature Workers
    (aged below 40 years old
    Year 1
    (1-4 New Hires per SSA)
    TSS will co-fund up to 90% of gross monthly wages, capped at a payout of $4,000/monthTSS will co-fund up to 65% of gross monthly wages, capped at a payout of $4,000/month
    Year 2
    (1-2 Hires from Year 1  per SSA)
    TSS will co-fund up to 60% of gross monthly wages, capped at a payout of $4,000/monthTSS will co-fund up to 40% of gross monthly wages, capped at a payout of $4,000/month
    Year 1 - 2SSAs may tap on other government schemes such as the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) and Jobs Support Scheme (JSS), in addition to the TSS, to receive maximum subsidies of 90% of gross monthly wages, regardless of the age and year of the hire.
    2TSS cannot be used to cover employers’ contribution to CPF.
  5. Table 3: Illustration of Subsidies Received for New Hire and Co-Payment from SSA
    ScenarioTransformation Support Scheme Other Subsidies from National SchemesCo-Payment from SSA
    SSA hires individual aged 35 years old with gross monthly pay of $5,000 for 1 year$3,250 subsidy (65% of gross monthly wage)$1,250 subsidy from JGI (25% of gross monthly wage)
    *assuming SSA meets eligibility criteria for JGI
    SSA co-pays $500 (10%) of gross monthly wage and receives $4,500 (90% subsidy) from TSS and other national schemes
    SSAs may receive a maximum of 90% subsidies from TSS and other national schemes per hire, regardless of age of hire.
  1. The funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis in June and December during the project duration from 2021 to 2023.  SSAs are required to provide relevant documentation, such as payslips indicating the gross monthly salary for the individual(s), and receipts indicating the amounts received from JGI and/or other relevant national schemes.

  2. NCSS reserves the right to reduce the funding quantum or recover the funding provided, if the agency fails to meet the specific project outcomes established at the start of the project upon recruitment of the new hire.


Application Process

  1. SSAs should apply for the TSS first, and confirm the recruitment of the hire (i.e. sign the employment contract) only upon approval.  The funding period for the TSS will commence once the new hire is recruited.


Application Windows

  1. NCSS will assess applications in phases outlined in the table below.
  2. Submission DeadlinesOutcome
    15 Jan 2021
    • NCSS will inform SSAs on the application outcome within approximately 2- 4 weeks.  
    • SSAs are advised to search for and screen candidates concurrently while waiting for the application outcome, to allow sufficient time to hire candidates for the required roles.   Upon approval, SSAs should start the recruitment process and hire the individual(s) within 1 month of receiving approval. 
    • SSAs are required to hire the individual(s) and start the 1st year of the project by 30 Jun 2021.
    29 Jan 2021
    11 Feb 2021
    12 Mar 2021
    9 Apr 2021
    7 May 2021
    28 May 2021

Additional Support from NCSS


  1. SSAs may use the following documents as references in developing Job Descriptions for each new hire.
    Relevant Areas of Work References
    People PracticesSample JD for HR Manager

    Skills Framework for Human Resource
    The Skills Framework for Human Resource outlines the key role, work functions, skills, and competencies for Human Resource related roles.
    Organisation DevelopmentSample JD for Organisation Development Manager
    Volunteer ManagementSample JD for Volunteer Manager

    Skills Framework for Volunteer Manager
    The Skills Framework for Social Service outlines the key role, work functions, skills and competencies of a volunteer manager.
    Insights to Effective Volunteer Management: A Pilot Study 
    The report outlines traits of a successful volunteer manager (page 27). For more information, you may download the report [1 MB].
    Fund-raisingSample JD for Fundraising
    Finance Sample JD for Finance


  2. All SSAs applying for the scheme must post the job vacancies on the Social Service Tribe job portal and NCSS will connect the respective SSAs with our partners, Workforce Singapore (WSG), Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and other career matching partners for referral assistance.

  3. SSAs may also use the TSS to subsidise the hiring cost of Sun Rays under the Sun Ray Scheme. More information on the Sun Ray scheme is available on the NCSS website. SSAs may also contact the Sun Ray Team directly at


Onboarding for New Hires

  1. SSAs are required to support the new hires’ transition into the social service sector and the organisation, and are responsible for onboarding and relevant training that the new hire may require. As an added support, NCSS will organise a half-day briefing and networking session for all new hires from the TSS. More information on the session will be provided to successful applicants in due time.



Programme Funding

  1. How many new hire(s) can my SSA seek funding support for?
    SSAs may apply for the funding for up to 4 hires to be supported by TSS in Year 1, and up to 2 hires from these existing 4 hires, to be supported by TSS in Year 2, if needed (if supported projects span across a 2-year duration).  NCSS will assess applications and notify SSAs on the number of new hires that can be supported under the fund, based on the merits of the proposal, overall demand from the sector and availability of funding.

  2. Can I apply for funding for an existing headcount to run programmes and services?
    No, the funding is only applicable for new hires to support Organisation Development projects that build organisational resilience.  The SSA and headcount are responsible for ensuring the project outcomes are met throughout the 1-2 year project duration.

  3. How will the funding be disbursed?
    Funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis in June and December of the project duration from 2021 to 2023. SSAs are required to submit documentation of all other funding support being received for the same new hire in the TSS application e.g. JGI, JSS etc. Based on the amount received from the other schemes, NCSS will provide the additional TSS subsidy, at the respective funding quantum indicated in Table 2 of the Factsheet, up to a maximum of 90% subsidies.

  4. What happens if I apply for funding for 1 new hire for a 2-year project, but my new hire leaves after Year 1? Can I get another new hire for Year 2? How much funding will this new hire receive in Year 2?
    If SSA has secured funding to subsidise the cost of the new hire for a 2-year project (24 months), but the new hire leaves at the 13th month, SSA will still qualify to receive funding for the remaining 11 months of the 24 month project. NCSS will provide the Year 2 funding of 40% or 60% subsidy (depending on the age of hire) for the remaining 11 months for the new hire. Please note that the funding is strictly limited to the 24 month period from the start date. If the SSA takes 1 month to identify and recruit the new hire, such that the new hire is recruited in the 14th month, the funding subsidy will only be applicable for the remaining 10 months. Time spent in recruiting will not be included in the funding. 

  5. What happens if my SSA is unable to meet the project outcomes?
    NCSS reserves the right to reduce the funding quantum or recover the funding provided, should an agency fail to meet the specific project outcomes established at the onset of the project.

  6. What if my SSA decides to stop the project mid-way through the project term?
    If the project is terminated halfway through the approved project term, the SSA is liable to return the funds that had been provided through the TSS.

  7. Will my SSA receive funding for this headcount beyond the 2 year project?
    The TSS will only support new headcounts on a short term (1-2 year) project basis. Should the SSA decide to transit this headcount to a permanent headcount in the longer term, the SSA will need to arrange alternative resources.

  8. Can my SSA use this funding alongside funding received from other schemes e.g. The Invictus Fund?
    SSAs can use this funding to hire manpower for projects/work covered by other funding (e.g. The Invictus Fund, Tech-n-Go), as long as the project scope fulfils the purpose of this scheme (i.e. transformation projects) and the other funding does not cover manpower for the same purpose.

New Hire(s)

  1. Is there guidance on the level of seniority and pay grade my SSA should pay the new hire?
    SSAs should take reference from the latest sector salary guidelines available online at NCSS’s website. Considerations on the pay grade and level of seniority required include, but are not limited to a) job scope, b) level of expertise and experience required, c) expected pay of the candidate.

  2. Will the funding apply to contract staff?
    The funding will apply to all new hires receiving mandatory employer CPF contribution.

  3. My organisation has not identified candidates for the position yet. Where will I be able to find assistance in searching for this candidate?
    All SSAs applying for the TSS are required to post the job vacancies on the Social Service Tribe job portal and to invite the public to apply for the position(s). NCSS will also connect SSAs with partners such as Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) for assistance to expand the search for candidates. If your SSA is interested in Sun Ray Scheme, you can also explore possible Sun Ray candidates that may be suitable for your organisation’s manpower needs. Please indicate this in the application form and we will reach out to you accordingly.

  4. What is the Sun Ray Scheme, and how can the scheme help in the search for candidates for the position to drive the Transformation project?
    The Sun Ray Scheme aims to attract and groom a community of leaders who can lead professional practices and SSAs. More information can be found on NCSS’ website here
    The Sun Ray scheme
    • supplements and complements agencies’ efforts in recruitment and talent management.
    • attracts a more diverse range of candidates through a differentiated employment and development model.
    • provides salary subsidies and fully funds Sun Ray staff’s training programmes.
    • allows SSAs to access and leverage on the wider Sun Ray community for knowledge and collaboration.

    NCSS pays for the Sun Ray staff’s salaries, bonuses, Employer CPF, training and benefits, charging the agencies a secondment fee at a subsidised rate. The secondment fee is typically about 70-80% of the total manpower costs to NCSS. Secondment fees are reviewed annually in July. SSAs can expect a 3-5% increase in fee annually.  NCSS also provides additional subsidies in line with the Government’s directives to support the operations of businesses in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, e.g. Job Support Scheme.

    SSAs that are keen to hire a new Sun Ray for the position to be funded under the Transformation Support Scheme can use the Transformation Support Scheme to subsidise the headcount salary, which is the secondment fee charged to SSAs for the Sun Ray.

  5. Can my SSA amend the JDs after approval of the application? 
    No, JDs submitted should be final upon approval of the application.

  6. Does the scheme apply to NCSS Associate Members?
    No, the scheme is only available for NCSS Full Members. Depending on the overall demand and availability of resources, we may consider extending it to NCSS Associate Members at a later juncture.

  7. Does the funding cover any bonus or 13th month pay?
    The funding provided is based on the funding quantum of gross monthly wage, capped at $4000. On the 13th month, SSAs may claim funding for the gross monthly wage, at the funding quantum, capped at $4000.

  8. Does the funding cover Employer’s CPF contributions?
    No, the funding does not cover CPF contributions from employers.

  9. Is the funding applicable for projects that have been approved but the SSA was not able to hire within 1 month after receiving approval?
    Yes, however, SSAs are strongly encouraged to hire as soon as you receive approval for TSS to support the new headcount. The deadline to hire individuals to receive TSS support is 30 Jun 2021.

  10. Must the new hire be currently unemployed?
    New hires can be currently unemployed, or not employed.

  11. Who does the selection of the candidate? Must the candidate have a degree or diploma?
    The SSA will select the candidate required for the job position, and may decide the type of qualifications that is needed to implement the work required.

  12. Can I convert a SG United Traineeship Trainee to a Full headcount to be funded by TSS?
    Yes, SSAs are strongly encouraged to apply for the TSS to support the headcount of convert SG United Trainees, provided that the job scope is in line with the TSS programme objectives. SSAs may consider converting the SG United Trainees to full-time employment before the end of the stipulated Traineeship duration, if dee

  13. Can I hire a candidate with a lower pay and increase according to their progress?
    Yes, funding will be provided based on the funding quantum of the gross monthly wage, capped at $4,000.

  14. Can I offer the candidate a more junior or senior designation after the interview?
    Yes, although there should be no changes to the general job scope in the approved TSS application.

  15. Do we need to submit another application for the replacement as well upon successful hiring?
    No, although there should be no changes to the job scope in the previous approved TSS application.

Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI)

Please refer to the information on JGI here

Jobs Support Scheme (JSS)

Please refer to the information on JSS here.