Scholarships and Awards

Are you looking to further your studies in social service-related programmes? We invite you to apply for our scholarships or awards.

We offer scholarships and awards to outstanding individuals with strong leadership qualities, a passion for the social service sector and an unwavering commitment to pursue their studies in social work and other social-service related disciplines. You’ll be able to deepen your knowledge, develop your skills, experience an enriching learning journey and be recognised for your dedication to the community.

Depending on which phase you’re at and the type of further studies you’re looking for, there are a variety of sponsorships that you can apply for:  

Target GroupLevel of Studies SupportedScholarships and Awards
New to Social Service SectorUndergraduate Studies- Social Service Scholarship 
- Singapore Industry Scholarship
Postgraduate Studies- Social Service Scholarship 
In-Sector ProfessionalsPostgraduate Studies- Leadership Development Programme
- VCF Professional Capability Grant
Other Professional Training- Leadership Development Programme
- Professional Development and Management Programme
- VCF Professional Capability Grant
- Skills Future Study Award