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FAQ - Salary Guidelines

What is the rationale behind the salary review?

Ministry of Social and Family Development and National Council of Social Service conduct regular salary reviews for the social service sector to set guidelines and provide a reference for Social Service Agencies in setting competitive salaries for their staff. These guidelines are adjusted triennially to keep pace with general wage movements to ensure the attention, attraction and retention of quality staff in the social service sector. Social Service Agencies are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines.  

Who decides the actual salary structures and salaries for the staff?

While MSF and NCSS review and provide salary guidelines for social service agencies based on market data and benchmarks, Social Service Agencies will determine their own salary structure in their organisations based on their needs and job requirements.

How do we adjust the salary of an employee who recently upgraded his/her skills and obtained a bachelor’s degree in, for example, Social Work?

We encourage social service agencies to adjust the salary of staff who have obtained the relevant professional qualifications using the corresponding profession and job level as a minimum guideline. We also encourage social service agencies to consider staff performance and relevant transferable skills so as to recognise and reward accordingly.

With living expenses/inflation rates increasing, will the salary increases in the guidelines be adequate in comparison?

The determination of annual salary adjustments by each organisation takes into consideration general market practice and reference, which may include a number of macro factors such as local inflation rates, labour supply and economic outlook. 

What is monthly gross salary?
The monthly gross salary includes any fixed allowances that social service agencies may provide for their employee.