NCSS is on a transformation journey with a vision to become a forward-looking organisation that is agile, digital and data-driven, with everyone a leader with a growth mindset and working together in a culture of trust.

To support this endeavour and drive transformative efforts for the entire social service sector, we are looking for talents in Project Management, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Ops-Tech Integration and Cybersecurity.

If you are qualified, committed, passionate and have a heart to serve fellow Singaporeans, join us! With our partners in the private, public and people sectors, we can collectively empower every person to live with dignity within a caring and inclusive society.

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Senior Manager, Brand and Digital Communications

You are part of Communications and Marketing team and oversees NCSS’ Digital Communication platforms for NCSS and its sub-brands. You will work closely with other units within Communications and Marketing, as well as other Divisions, to effectively plan digital communication strategy for NCSS’ channels.

You are dynamic, independent, and resourceful. You will co-ordinate with MSF Communications Division and NCSS’ Divisions to leverage content and amplify across channels and platforms. In addition, you will manage external agencies and vendors while effectively maintaining and tracking budget utilisation.

CyberSecurity Specialist

You are familiar with security architectures and cloud implementations. You are required to research and identify potential security risks using Threat and Risk Assessment framework, and develop actionable measures to be applied across systems for the social service sector.

You are competent and updated on current and emerging security technologies for cloud and on-premises, as well as the associated security threats and risks. You will design security architecture and control measures to mitigate the relevant threats and risks.

Senior Manager, Data and Systems

You will support and facilitate the NCSS Digital Transformation journey to ensure that IT systems, processes and frameworks are synchronised. You will review the systems and frameworks to ensure grant governance, business continuity and risk management are keep updated and relevant in a timely manner.

You will ensure proper data management, safe-keeping and analysis so that data is used appropriately to make informed funding decisions. You will support grant governance, system security, reporting and audits.

Senior Manager, Service Strategy and Innovation

You are responsible for developing and implementing an enhanced programme evaluation system for NCSS. This system will collect and track the output and outcome indicators of funded programmes.

Senior Manager, Data and Sytems

You will work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the system meets users’ needs, with smooth transition of systems.

Senior Manager, Data Management

You are responsible for promoting a strong data culture in service planning. You will build structures, processes and capability in data storage, use and data management. This is to ensure that social service solutions are evidence-based and evidence-informed.

You will identify, organise and analyse data required for service planning and develop dashboards to facilitate service planning through the identification of needs and gaps. You will provide technical expertise in data storage, data mining and data cleansing.

Senior Manager, Data Analysis & Planning

You will contribute to NCSS’ expanding philanthropy and engagement by ensuring systems will function with minimum disruptions. You will review systems and tools to innovate and drive business processes to achieve efficiency and strong outcomes. You will manage ICT & CRM system developments, service enhancements and maintenance work, for NCSS to achieve optimal customer relationship management.

You will work and communicate with stakeholders to implement and adopt systems and processes, data analysis and data maintenance. You will review impact of requested changes and recommend improvements to address evolving user needs, working with different teams to address technical problems in operations & maintenance.

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