Partnership Opportunities

Opportunities for partnership to provide for the needs of beneficiaries in various social service sectors are aplenty. We partner communities and corporates to bring about desired outcomes for beneficiaries, organising activities that range from cleaning of beneficiaries' households to adopting charities. It's in your hands to bring positive changes. Your donation will help to make the dreams of children with special needs and youths-at-risk come true; help people with disabilities overcome hurdles; enrich the lives of frail and lonely elderly, and help families in need defeat the odds.

Many social service organisations have room for community and corporate partners to play a part in their helping journey. You can make a difference in many ways - by giving your time (e.g. giving tuition, reading books to children, managing a pushcart, etc), providing expertise (e.g. teaching IT courses, offering legal advice, etc.), or simply befriending those in need (e.g. befriending a youth-at-risk, interacting with an elderly in a home, etc.).

On a larger scale, you can organise charity walks/golfs/galas/auctions, get your friends/colleagues to come together to clean beneficiaries' households, or simply croon a song or two at a charity home to bring fun and laughter to the residents. Activities to engage both participants and beneficiaries to showcase their talents through performances can be included in these events.

Not only do you help raise funds to better serve the less fortunate through new programmes, infrastructural developments and capability building, you also bring cheer to beneficiaries and participants alike.

Donation & Volunteerism

You can bring about positive changes in yourself and in others through doing good. Your contribution as a donor or volunteer makes differences to the lives of people in need.
Community Chest
Whether you are a corporation or an individual, you can contribute to Community Chest in a simple and effective way for employees to donate any amount they wish on a monthly basis through payroll system, GIRO or credit card.

>> Read more on how you can donate to Community Chest as:
Alternatively, you may contact them at 1800-210-2600 or email

President Challenge
Help the less fortunate by making a donation now to the President Challenge. Initiated by former President S R Nathan in 2000 and continued by President Tony Tan in 2012, to bring the community together to do their part to help the less fortunate.  Beyond fundraising, President's Challenge also encompasses the annual President's Challenge Volunteer drive and the President's Challenge Social Enterprise Award. Funds raised will reach out to transform lives through worthy causes in the social services, sports and the arts.  

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Community Chest
You can make a difference to the lives of people in need by giving your time. Here are some of the ways that you can contribute your time to:

President Challenge
President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive seeks to encourage everyone to be more involved in the community and promote volunteerism as a way of life making Singapore a more caring and compassionate society.  The volunteer drive promotes the giving of time and skills.  Since 2012 when the volunteer drive was launched, thousands of volunteers have supported President's Challenge in various ways.
If you are interested in volunteering and are unsure of what you can do, click here.