Partnership Opportunities

Empower Change Through Partnership

Discover opportunities for impactful partnerships that address diverse social service needs. We collaborate with communities and corporations to achieve meaningful outcomes through various avenues of giving and volunteering. Your support can transform the lives of children with special needs, empower youth-at-risk, assist persons with disabilities in overcoming obstacles, bring joy to seniors in need, and help families triumph against the odds.

Ways to Engage:

Explore partnership opportunities with NCSS to bring about desired outcomes for social service users.
Show that you care by being there.
Organise events such as charity walks, golf tournaments, galas, or auctions to support our initiatives.Gather friends and colleagues to engage in community service, offering assistance to social service users.Showcase your talents by participating in events that bring joy and laughter to residents of charity homes.


Benefits of Your Contribution:

By partnering with us, you will not only raise funds for new programmes and infrastructural developments but also contribute to building capabilities within communities. Your support helps us provide holistic and timely assistance to those in need, fostering a society where every individual can live a life of dignity to their fullest potential.

Donation & Volunteerism

Your Impactful Journey

Your journey of doing good begins with the choice to donate or volunteer. Your contribution, whether as a donor or volunteer, creates positive differences in the lives of those in need.


Community Chest

Donate with Purpose:

Explore sustainable support options for social service agencies through SHARE, Community Chest's regular giving programme. Whether you're an individual or a corporation, your commitment is invaluable.

How you can donate to Community Chest
via SHARE as:
An IndividualA Corporate
You may contact them at 1800-210-2600 or email


President's Challenge

Established in 2000, President's Challenge (PC) stands as a national movement led by the President, uniting Singaporeans to foster a compassionate and united society. It aims to raise funds and mobilise support for our communities in need through volunteering and inclusive employment. Recent PC initiatives focus on empowering persons with disabilities, creating a digitally inclusive society, aiding lower-income families, promoting support for persons with mental health conditions, and caring for caregivers. Every donation made contributes 100% to benefit agencies supported by PC.

Make your donation to the President's Challenge here.


Community Chest

Your time is a precious gift that can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Explore volunteering opportunities or participate in the President's Challenge Volunteer Drive.

For more information, you may contact us at 1800-210-2600 or email

President's Challenge

The President's Challenge Volunteer Drive is a call to action, encouraging everyone to actively participate in the community and embrace volunteerism as a way of life. Since 2012, thousands of volunteers have lent their time and skills, supporting the President's Challenge in various impactful ways.

If you're passionate about making a difference through volunteering, delve into the details of the Volunteer Drive on the President's Challenge website.

Discover more about the Volunteer Drive here.