4ST Partnership Fund



The 4ST Partnership Fund aims to mobilise the sector to develop solutions that promote Innovation, Collaboration and Empowerment, with the end outcome of improving the quality of life of service users - including Families, Children and Youth, Persons with Mental Health Conditions and Caregivers, amongst others.

Application Criteria & Eligibility

Please visit go.gov.sg/4stpf for more information and/or to apply.

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Application Deadline

There will be 2 application windows in a calendar year.

  • 1st Window Period: 27 April – 31 May 2023.
  • 2nd Window Period: 1 – 31 October 2023

The estimated application assessment period is between 1 to 3 months. Do note that applications that are incomplete and/or more complex will require more time to evaluate.

For more information, please email us at FOS@ncss.gov.sg.