Professional Capability Grant (PCG) - Local Training Grant (Short Courses, Accredited Certificate Courses)


The grant is under the purview of the Professional Capability Grant (PCG).

PCG provides training subsidy for SSAs to build their manpower and organisation’s capability through training that will better equip the professionals in meeting the needs of the social service sector.
The PCG supports social service-related scholarships, awards, short-term local training courses/conferences and higher education programmes. The pre-approval funding supports short-term social service-related courses and conference.
Staff (NCSS Member VWO), Staff (MSF funded VWOs), Singaporean or Singapore PRsBoth
Application Criteria & Eligibility
  1. Staff of NCSS member Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and/or MSF-funded agencies are eligible to tap on the training grant, that are related to their scope of work.
  2. Volunteers of NCSS member SSAs and/or MSF-funded agencies are only eligible for Professional Skill-based training, that are related to their scope of volunteering in the SSAs.
  3. SSA’s applicants who are on their respective Work Passes must have Work Pass validity of 1 year or more, at the point of application.
  4. Applicants who are Employment Pass/S Pass/Work Permit holders must have at least one year of remaining EP/SP/Work Permit validity at the point of application.
  5. The pre-approved course must be attended by participants from more than one SSAs.
  6. Funding will not be extended to courses that:
    • Have already commenced
    • Are receiving other sources of Government funding, unless specially allowed
    • Can tap on grants administered by other Government agencies such as the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)
Funding Quantum

Find out more on the funding quantum on the Professional Capability Grant (PCG) website.

Apply Now
Application Deadline
The application must be submitted to NCSS at least 2 months before the Panel evaluation date.
Application Procedures
All funding applications must be submitted through the Fund Application System (FAS) before the course commencement. SSAs can login to NCSS e-services using Agency CorpPass and password to access the FAS.

For more information, please email Ms Leong Mei Chin at