Professional Capability Grant (PCG) - Open Grant

The grant is under the purview of the Professional Capability Grant.

The Open Grant supports SSA-initiated and centrally driven initiatives that will raise the professional capability of the Social Service Sector, including initiatives/ projects and clinical supervision efforts.


Open Grant supports social service agencies in engaging external consultants for clinical supervision for staff to enhance their professional skills, usually in the areas of casework and counselling. The grant supports the capability building of professional staff such as social workers, case workers, counsellors and psychologists over two years.

The clinical supervision usually includes individual supervision and group supervision to improve professional skills of staff, plus a Supervision of Supervisors (SOS) component to develop the supervisory competencies of the social service agency’s internal clinical supervisors.

Application Criteria & Eligibility

For Open Grant Projects

  1. Must be NCSS member social service agencies and/or MSF-funded social service agencies that are not receiving other sources of government funding,
  2. Funding will not be extended to projects that have already commenced.
  3. Late applications will not be processed and will not be automatically moved to the next window.
  4. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  5. Please note that approval of applications is on a first come, first served basis, subject to budget availability.

For Clinical Supervision

  1. All NCSS member social service agencies or MSF-funded social service agencies only.
  2. The projects must be one-off and non-recurring in nature.
  3. Projects can only commence upon PCG Secretariat’s approval.
  4. Funding will not be extended to projects that:
    • Have already commenced, or
    • Are receiving other sources of government funding, unless specifically allowed
Apply Now
Application Deadline

The application must be submitted to NCSS at least 2 months before the panel evaluation date.

Application Procedures
All funding applications must be  submitted through the Fund Application System (FAS) before the commencement of the course. SSA can login to NCSS e-services using Agency CorpPass and password to access the FAS.

Please submit the following supporting documents in FAS:

For Open Grant Projects

  • Project Proposal, which include the following:
    • Objective of the Project
    • How will the project be implemented
    • Fund Request and detailed cost breakdown of the project, quotations of the cost items
    • Project Outcomes/ KPI and its measures
    • Project Implementation timeline

For Clinical Supervision

  • Supplementary Form (Can be downloaded in FAS)
  • Three comparable quotations/proposals (i.e. quotations/proposals should cover the same work scope) and the CVs of the External Supervisor must be uploaded for projects that are above $6,000. Wherever possible, the social service agency should choose the choice that has the best value and provide justification if it is not the lowest.

Please email Ms Elaine Chung at