Tote Board Social Service Fund (TBSSF)

The Tote Board Social Service Fund provides grants for critical and strategic social service programmes and new programmes for the social service sector.
The Tote Board had appointed NCSS to administer the Tote Board Social Service Fund (TBSSF) since 2006. TBSSF provides grants for critical and strategic social service programmes and new programmes for the social service sector.

Read more on the Fund Allocation Guidelines of Tote Board Social Service Fund.

From FY21-23, the following priority areas will guide NCSS’ fund allocation:

  1. Support for families to break out of cycle of intergenerational social disadvantage
  2. Support for caregivers to manage their caregiving responsibilities and care for themselves as well
  3. Support for persons with mental health conditions to attain empowerment and social inclusion

Agencies are encouraged to submit applications related to these priority areas. Applications that fall outside these priority areas, but respond to emerging or unmet needs, will continue to be considered for funding as well.

Staff (NCSS Member VWO), Staff (MSF funded VWOs)Individuals
Application Criteria & Eligibility
  • Registration with the Commissioner of Charities (COC), Registry of Societies (ROS) or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Non-Charity status agencies (regardless of registration type) are required to make a declaration on the not-for-profit nature of the programme.
  • Funding provided should support direct and/or preventive social services with defined intervention and contributes to the psychological and social well-being of the target clients (but excluding direct financial aid).
  • Applicant is willing to comply with the monitoring and reporting guidelines of the TBSSF and adhere to the minimum standards of service established for the programme.
  • Funding should be used to defray programme costs and not fund-raising costs.
  • Applicant should have agency reserves of not more than 4x of agency’s total operating expenditure1.
  • Minimum amount of funding request of $5,000.
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Application Procedures

All applications should be submitted through the Funds Administration System (FAS). Please go to e-services using your social service agency ID and password to access FAS.

For applications for funding of social service programmes, applications should be submitted prior to the commencement of the programmes. Funding will not commence until approval of the application has been obtained.

Applications will be tabled for approval on a regular basis. To help us process your application expediently, please ensure that you have provided all necessary supporting documents and that the application form is properly completed by the end of each grant call. The grant call timelines is as shown below. If the first day of the grant call period falls on a weekend, for example 1 August 2021 which falls on a Sunday, applications will be accepted on the Friday prior to the weekend.

For ALL applications for funding of new programmes, renewal of funding for existing programmes and requests for change in funding of existing programmes:

Grant call period
Estimated approval period
31 Jan - 28 Feb 2022
Jul 2022

Note: The dates shown above may be subject to changes. This webpage will be updated should there be any changes in the approval and grant call dates.

For new programmes with a funding request of more than $1 million, the approval dates will be extended up to another 2 months with the final approving authority by Tote Board.


For more details on the application procedures, please contact:

Fund Allocation
National Council of Social Service