Community Capability Trust (CCT)

The Community Capability Trust (CCT) is a Charitable Trust set up to strengthen our social service agencies (SSAs) capabilities and capacities, so that SSAs can deliver better service outcomes to their users. Through the CCT, MSF and NCSS hope to raise awareness of the importance of a strong social service sector and encourage donors to support SSAs in their capability and capacity-building efforts, in addition to supporting their social service programmes.

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The Dedicated Trust that Supports Capability and Capacity Building of Our Sector

The CCT aims to resource the sector with $480m over 10 years, with up to $350m contributed by the Government and Tote Board. In addition to upfront capital provided by the Government, Tote Board, and NCSS, there will be a dollar-for-dollar matching of funds raised by ComChest for the CCT, to encourage donations to the CCT. This matching will be up to a cap of $100m over 10 years from the Government, and up to a cap of $50m over the first 5 years from Tote Board.

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