From FY22 onwards, CCT has replace VWO-Charities Capability Fund (VCF)'s Organisational Development Grant (ODG)& Innovation & Productivity Grant (IPG) to support the social service sector’s capability and capacity-building needs with a bigger budget and wider coverage, as well as enable funding of new capability areas.

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Building a Stronger Social Service Sector Together

CCT aggregates resources from the 3Ps, the Public, Private and People sector to accelerate sector and SSAs' capability and capacity building for greater impact. CCT aims to achieve the following desired outcomes to build a stronger social service sector.


Desired outcomes of CCT

-> Sector and SSAs have the capacity & capabilities to continuously improve the quality and
efficiency of social services and support the sector’s service plans

-> Community involvement in funding capability & capacity building of SSAs,
and more donors are willing to support these needs


The CCT Approach to Building Capability and Capacity



Assessing OH strengths and areas

for development using OHFSS

NCSS has developed the Organisational Health Framework for Social Services (OHFSS) which covers seven domains and 32 sub-domains of organisational health to comprehensively identify SSAs’ current states of organisational health. With the OHFSS, SSAs can do a self-assessment of the different organisational health areas and derive an Organisational Health Index (OHI) score, a measure of its organisational health. The OHFSS thus helps SSAs to systematically and comprehensively assess strengths and areas of development, allowing SSAs to carry out strategic capability and capacity planning efforts. This will better guide SSAs on the funding and support to apply for under the CCT. For more information on OHFSS, click here.