Community Capability Trust (CCT) Pillars

Over the next 10 years, starting from April 2022, the CCT will support the sector's needs by focusing on 6 capability-building areas, while promoting the use of an organisational health diagnostic to help SSAs prioritise areas of capability building and guide them on what to seek funding for.

Supporting Organisational Health Diagnostic
Innovation &
Evaluation &
Builds upon existing effortsRelatively new capability areas that MSF/NCSS will give more emphasis on
Provide holistic support for SSAs to adopt innovation and technology to increase productivity and enhance service deliveryStrengthen SSAs' abilities in people management and development for continuity of servicesExpand SSAs' capabilities and capacity by augmenting the social service professional workforceEnhance Board capabilities to provide strategic guidance to SSAs on organisational effectiveness & governanceSupport SSAs to optimise resources, explore different resourcing possibilities and adopt a philanthropy mindset/approachStrengthen SSAs' capabilities for more robust and impactful E&R to deliver effective programmes for service users
Open grant pot to support SSA initiated projects


Support under CCT

Transformation Sustainability Scheme

A newly launched scheme under the CCT, the Transformation Sustainability Scheme provides funding support for social service agencies’ capability building efforts across key capability areas of people practices, volunteer management, and innovation & digitalisation.

Other Complementary Schemes to Support Agencies’ Relevant Needs

icon Organisational Health Diagnostic Scheme (OHDS)

icon Tech-and-GO!

icon Open Grant

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