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Focus for CCT

Over the next 10 years, starting from April 2022, the CCT will support the sector's needs by focusing on 6 capability-building areas, while promoting the use of an organisational health diagnostic to help SSAs prioritise areas of capability building and guide them on what to seek funding for.

CCT Capability-building Areas

Opportunity Areas & Challenges Identified by SSAs

The 6 capability-building areas are aligned with the key opportunity areas and challenges identified by SSAs through the Social Service Sector Survey 2021.

Social Service Sector Survey Findings

To build capabilities in the 6 areas, there will be curated schemes designed to provide support and meet the differing needs of SSAs in these areas. There will also be a CCT Open Grant scheme which will provide funds to support SSAs' ground-up capability and capacity building projects. Schemes will be rolled out progressively in phases, starting with the schemes below.

In addition, NCSS will implement sector-development initiatives to complement SSA-targeted schemes in the 6 focal areas such as creation of new diagnostic tools, guides or frameworks, peer learning and  community building, and development of training programmes.

Schemes for Application

icon CCT Open Grant

icon Organisational Health Diagnostic Scheme (OHDS)

icon Tech-and-GO!

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