Peer Support Specialist Programme

Empowering Recovery: The Peer Support Specialist Programme

The Peer Support Specialist Programme, launched in 2016 by the National Council of Social Service in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health and mental health organisations, empowers people with mental health conditions to harness their lived experiences in aiding others on their paths to recovery.

Explore the highlights of the Peer Support Specialist Programme, a competency-based training that enables individuals to utilise their personal experiences to support others in their journey towards recovery.


This program consists of two essential training modules designed for individuals in recovery who aspire to join the social service or healthcare sector as Peer Support Specialists:

a) Preparatory Training for Potential Peer Support Specialistb) Certificate in Peer Support
This module introduces the role of a Peer Support Specialist and the significance of sharing lived experiences in peer support work. The module comprises 16 hours of classroom training.This module equips individuals with the competencies required to excel as Peer Support Specialists. It includes 80 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of practicum at a social service or healthcare agency.
The course is fully sponsored for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, with an attendance requirement of 100%* and completion of all assessments.
* In cases of non-compliance, learners must provide a valid reason supported by documents such as a Medical Certificate. Learners should not miss more than 25% of the course.


For additional information, please visit Social Service Institute.