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The 4ST Partnership Fund aims to mobilise the sector to develop solutions that promote innovation, collaboration and empowerment, with the end outcome of improving the quality of life of service users - including Families, Children and Youth, Persons with Mental Health Conditions and Caregivers, amongst others.

Application Criteria for 4ST Partnership Fund

Eligibility Criteria
  1. The applicant must be a Social Service Agency (SSA)/ Social Enterprise (SE)/ Ground-up group that is in collaboration with another entity/ individual.
  2. Non-NCSS members, including SEs and ground-up groups without Institution of Public Character (IPC)/ Charity Status can also apply. Where possible, the project should be fronted by an organisation who is a NCSS member with IPC status. (Please refer to Seed vs Grow graphic below for eligible applicants for each category of funding.)
  3. Non-Charity status agencies (regardless of registration type) are required to make a declaration on the not-for-profit nature of the programme, and that the beneficiaries are local communities.
Application Criteria

(see graphic below)

  1. Proposal must include innovation, collaboration and empowerment components.
  2. The applicant agency participates, contributes to, and promotes interagency collaboration with other organisations to provide needed services to the clients.
  3. Applications should support key service priority areas identified by NCSS:
    1. Support families to break out of cycle of intergenerational social disadvantage,
    2. Support caregivers to manage their caregiving responsibilities and care for themselves as well,
    3. Support persons with mental health conditions to attain empowerment and social inclusion; and
    4. Other emerging needs

4STPF Eligibility Criteria

Type of Funding

There are 2 types of funding available. Please see below for the parameters of each fund before application.

4STPF_Seed vs Grow


To help support you in your funding proposal, you can refer to the official 4ST Partnership Fund Resources on Innovation, Collaboration and Empowerment and other additional resources below that can guide you in building a stronger proposal and/or a more robust solution.

NCSS conducted a 4ST Partnership Fund Info Session on 8 May 2023. You may refer to the slides from the Info Session or watch the webinar recording.

How to Apply


There will be 2 application windows in a calendar year – in April and October.

Submit your proposal by clicking on the button below.

What to Prepare

For more information, please email us at grants@majurity.sg.

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Download the 4ST Partnership Fund FAQs.