The 4ST Progress

Navigating Our Path

Welcome to our journey of progress, where we share the milestones achieved during the initial 4ST (2017-2021) and the insights gained from the refreshed 4ST (2022-2026) development.

Insights from 4ST (2022-2026) Development

These documents provide key insights from the 4ST (2022-2026) development, offering a comprehensive understanding of the current and upcoming landscape of the social service sector. They present findings from in-depth research and collaborative sessions with diverse stakeholders, shedding light on emerging trends and potential focus areas within the renewed 4ST roadmap.

The Road Ahead for the Social Service Sector
Insights from Social Service Summit 2021 Breakout Discussions

The Road Ahead for the Social Service Sector:

  • Provides insights into emerging trends and driving forces in the social service sector.
  • Encompasses research and inputs from engagement sessions with the public, private, and people sectors.
  • Explores how to better equip the social service ecosystem to address evolving social needs.

Insights from Social Service Summit 2021 Breakout Discussions:

  • Gathers insights from 150 participants, each sharing their unique vision for the social service sector.
  • Focuses on actionable steps, initiatives, and ideas in key areas: service delivery, sector leadership, and sector partnerships.


The 4ST Roadmap (2017-2021)

Celebrating Achievements

In 2017, we introduced the Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST), a five-year roadmap co-developed by sector stakeholders, including NCSS, member organisations, service users, government, community leaders, business leaders and civic-minded individuals. This collaborative initiative was designed to ensure that our sector remains inclusive, responsive to future challenges and aligned with the evolving needs of our diverse population.

4ST strives to promote a person-centred and holistic approach to enhance the Quality of Life for all individuals.

Dive into the narratives of our journey in "Stories from the Heart".

“Every person empowered to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society.”


For detailed insights, you can explore the 4ST Report and view our journey in the videos below.


4ST (2017-2021) Full Report



icon Key Thrust 1: Empowered Individuals, Their Families And Communities

icon Key Thrust 2: Developed Effective Social Purpose Entities That Delivered Quality, Innovative, And Sustainable Solutions

icon Key Thrust 3: Fostered a Caring, Collaborative, And Impactful Social Service Ecosystem.