4ST Progress

This page shares the progress of the first 4ST (2017-2021) and insights gleaned from the refreshed 4ST (2022-2026) development.

Insights from 4ST (2022-2026) Development

The Road Ahead for the Social Service Sector Insights from Social Service Summit 2021 Breakout Discussions

The Road Ahead for the Social Service Sector:

- Insights from research and engagement sessions with the public, private and people sectors to explore how we might better equip the social service ecosystem to meet changing social needs under the 4ST

- Insights include: Trends and driving forces; potential areas to explore in the refreshed 4ST


Insights from Social Service Summit 2021 Breakout Discussions:

- Insights from a total of 150 participants on their desired goals for the sector and action steps, initiatives and ideas to advance the 4ST vision in the focal areas of service delivery, sector leadership and sector partnerships


Progress of 4ST (2017-2021)


Achievements and progress made by the sector since the launch of the 4ST in 2017

Progress of the Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) (2017-2021)


icon Key Thrust 1: Empowered Individuals, Their Families And Communities

icon Key Thrust 2: Effective Social Purpose Entities That Deliver Quality, Innovative And Sustainable Solutions

icon Key Thrust 3: Caring, Collaborative, And Impactful Social Service Ecosystem