4STPF Resource Guide

In our ever-evolving world, we face increasingly intricate challenges. To effectively address these issues, we need an innovative, collaborative and empowering approach rooted in the needs of service users.

Join the movement for impactful social change by harnessing your potential in innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.

4ST Innovation

WE INNOVATE… To future-proof the social service sector with impactful and sustainable solutions.

  • Innovation is about continual improvement, ensuring that we design effective solutions that meet emerging needs or transform existing services.

  • When we innovate, we place end-users at the heart of the design and delivery process to create products, services, and interventions that are more sustainable and effective.

  • Design thinking is both a mindset and an approach for developing innovative solutions to tackle complex social challenges.


WE COLLABORATE…  Because complex social issues cannot be solved alone.

  • Collaboration means working with the right people and information to address the most challenging issues.

  • By working together in a structured manner, we can make a more significant impact and create real change in the systems behind these issues.

  • The Collective Impact approach employs data to guide our thinking and actions.


WE EMPOWER… Because everyone's voices and choices should be respected and included.

  • Empowerment entails enhancing a person's ability to participate in and influence matters that affect their life.

  • When we empower service users, they experience an improved quality of life, filled with strength, choice, and dignity.

  • Empowerment happens when we promote participation and ownership, building on people's strengths to expand their assets and capabilities.