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Consultancy Subsidy - Social Service Agencies


The following grants are only applicable for NCSS Member SSAs.

If you are unsure if your organisation fulfils this requirement, please refer to the NCSS Membership Listunder 'Directory of NCSS Members'.

SSA Consultancy Services


icon Eligibility, Funding, and Application

icon (1) Digital Strategy Planning (DSP)

icon (2) Data Management Consultancy (DM)

icon (3) IT Project Coaching (IPC)

icon (4) Start Consultancy

icon (5) Go Consultancy

icon (6) Grow Consultancy

icon (7) Digital Implementation Consultancy (DIC)

icon (8) IT Audit

icon (9) Cyber Essentials Mark (Certification)

icon (10) Cyber Trust Mark (Certification)

icon (11) Data Protection Essentials (Programme)

icon (12) Data Protection Trust mark (Certification)

icon (13) Robotic Process Automation Consultancy

icon (14) Digital Marketing Consultancy