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IRAS Donation API Integration Services (Green Lane)

Professional services required for SSAs to integrate their Donation Management System (DMS) with IRAS' Donation API service for a convenient and more efficient way of submitting records to IRAS directly through the DMS. IRAS only validates that submissions made through the DMS can be accepted by IRAS. You may either ask your existing DMS vendor or view the list of DMS (https://go.gov.sg/iras-api-dms-vendor-list) that supports the Donation API Service. Being in the List of DMS is not an endorsement by IRAS or NCSS. For SSAs which require a new DMS, please apply via Green Lane and request for the Donation API Service to be included as part of the DMS scope.

Vendors & Packages available
Green Lane Solution
  • Green Lane Solutions have no pre-approved vendors, so your agency is encouraged to shortlist and assess your preferred vendor based on your needs, and in accordance with your internal procurement guidelines. Only 1 Quotation is required for Green Lane Solutions. Maximum fundable amount per unit: $11,000.