A Leader with the Heart to Serve

20 Dec 2019
Goh Yun Lin Daphne
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Associate Director
Community Psychology Hub
Overseas Singaporean returning to Singapore, CPH Secondment to THK currently

The reasons as to why I came back to Singapore were simple enough. I wanted to give back to the community from which I came from, and I wanted to work alongside fellow professionals to advocate for the most vulnerable stratum of society who oftentimes are unable to do so for themselves. It is about creating a society that is inclusive, respectful and acknowledges that every one of us can contribute in our own different ways.
Having worked in the private clinical sector, I was motivated to join Sun Ray because I believe in the idea of ‘servant leadership’. This is the concept of being able to bring about change that impacts the lives of those who are often hidden in our society, through working with and for them. Being able to collaborate with other social service agencies also motivated me to join Sun Ray, and knowing that this scheme is all about making changes that improve the social service sector and our society as a whole is heartening.
Sun Ray has introduced me to many like-minded professionals whom I can network with, and rely on for support. Having spent a significant part of my career overseas, it was through working with my Talent Manager from NCSS, and also attending events, workshops and courses hosted by NCSS that I began to know more people from the social service sector, and how the social service sector functions as a whole. Not forgetting my other colleagues in Community Psychology Hub (CPH) who have warmly included me, and shared with me more about the organisations that they themselves work with. As such, I have always felt that I am never alone or isolated.
What’s more, Sun Ray has given me the opportunity to join leadership courses which I have found very useful, and it has provided me with a mentor whom I can seek advice and support from. Likewise, Sun Ray continuously hosts various courses and workshops that I can attend. The programmes focus on trends and emerging opportunities in the social service sector, and allows me to deepen my clinical skills. In summary, Sun Ray has provided me with the encouragement, opportunities and support for being a leader and a clinical supervisor in the social service sector.
If you’re considering joining Sun Ray, I say give it a go! Often people may feel that they are not good enough or won’t be able to contribute to the social service sector. Or, they may feel that they have great ideas on how to improve our society but are not sure how to go about it. In these instances, please consider the Sun Ray scheme as many hands make light work, and many hearts build a more progressive, accepting and inclusive society.