A leading light for others

04 Dec 2020
Yvonne Ang
TOUCH Youth Counselling Unit
In-service professional

As a cyber wellness counsellor, Yvonne Ang, 28, has one of the most ‘trendy’ jobs around. Over the last five years at TOUCH Youth Counselling Unit, she has been actively reaching out to impressionable youths who may be at risk of falling under negative influences in the cyber world and educating them about the dangers of online gaming addition and pornography. She also conducts psychological interventions for pathological gaming, pornography and other cyber-related issues and school-based programmes for at-risk youths with her teammates. 

"I work closely with youths, educators and parents to cultivate positive and responsible use of digital technologies at home, in school and the community,” she shared. “I also supervise and mentor the younger staff in counselling and school-based programmes.” To advocate cyber wellness values such as respect, a balanced lifestyle and responsible use of digital technologies, she spends a lot of time online, uncovering the latest cyber trends and blogging regularly about cyber wellness considerations.
Yvonne attributes her decision to enter the field of social services to the positive role models she had during her formative years. Growing up, she received a lot of care, concern and guidance from her teachers and mentors. It made a positive impact and sparked a passion within her to seek a career where satisfaction is derived from making meaningful changes in others’ lives. With this in mind, Yvonne joined the Sun Ray scheme in February this year.

Through the scheme, Yvonne has been able to learn more about key social service sector matters, such as evolving social trends and multi-faceted challenges faced by those in need. The networking sessions with fellow colleagues on the scheme, affectionately termed ‘Sun Rayz’, also provided her with opportunities to boost her knowledge and widen her expertise in the sector.

“Sun Ray’s vision – to be the leading light that makes a difference – completely resonates with me,” she shared. “By contributing in a positive and meaningful way, I also hope to shine a light on others and make a difference.” 

To find out more about the Sun Ray scheme, visit ncss.gov.sg/SunRay today.

To apply, you can submit your CV to us at Sun_Ray@ncss.gov.sg.