Dr Katijah Dawood

30 Sep 2020

Katijah started her career as a social worker began in 1986 in the former MSF. She has learnt a lot from her predecessors in both direct and indirect work such as programme and policy planning for the sector.  In particular, she has been blessed in being in the teams of setting up the Family Violence Networking System, tender policies and ratification of the UNCRC.

Subsequently, at the Subordinate Courts, she was privileged to journey with the law professionals to strengthen the application of personal protection orders and hearing the voices of children in the divorce process.  With international exposure, supervised visitation was brought into Singapore in 2001.  After completing a PhD in social work, she pursued her dream in setting up a specialist centre on supporting children caught in divorce in Singapore through her current employer, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities.

Throughout her career, her experiences have been in establishment of new services and systems.  She is keen to support any teams who are exploring new ideas in enhancing the lives of the vulnerable children and families.  Low income families, families in violence and children in divorce are familiar areas and more can be done to improve their quality of life.  Engaging seniors especially baby boomers is of interest to her.  Identifying gaps in services and brainstorming on creative and innovative ideas further excites her.