Dr Vincent Ng Chee Keong

09 Feb 2021
Dr Vincent Ng completed his PhD in Social Work at the National University of Singapore and has worked as a social worker in both public and medical settings. Under his steady and personable leadership, AMKFSC has grown from three Family Service Centres in 2009, to a dynamic multi-service agency today, serving a diverse group of vulnerable populations.
Dr Ng is a recipient of the Outstanding Social Worker Award (OSWA) in 2017. During his tenure, AMKFSC has produced four Promising Social Worker Award (PSWA) winners and one OSWA winner.
Beyond his responsibilities in AMKFSC, Vincent sits on several boards and committees to provide insights through the lens of a social worker. He currently serves on the Medifund Committee in the National Neuroscience Institute, Board of Visitors for Adult Disability Homes, Panel of Assessors on National Council on Problem Gambling, and National Council of Social Service’s Leadership Selection Panel.
In furthering the social work profession here, Vincent is also an adjunct faculty member and lectures at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore University of Social Sciences to ensure that the next generation of social workers keep a balanced perspective, have their passions calibrated and are equipped with relevant skills.