Illuminating Paths to Philanthropy at NCSS - Ms Wendy Tan

26 Jan 2024

Wendy Tan joined National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to understand the social service sector and contribute to positive change. 11 years later, her impact is greater than ever, thanks to the philanthropic partnerships she forges in her current role.

The supportive culture and values stand out for Wendy. NCSS invests in employee engagement, building trust and a sense of belonging, while constantly improving the work environment.

NCSS has been fertile ground for her growth, facilitating her accumulation of critical skills through numerous learning opportunities and exposure to the social service landscape beyond Singapore.

These skills, along with her sharpened ability to communicate, adapt, empathise and solve problems, enable Wendy to perform her role within the Philanthropic Partnership & Engagement division.

There, she channels her efforts into building partners to provide sustained support for the beneficiaries, raising funds and garnering resources for the sector. She also builds partner relations and changes perspectives on the social service sector through engagement and creating awareness of social causes.

A typical day for Wendy involves a dynamic mix of meetings with prospects and donors, discussions on proposals, attending crucial meetings, handling operational matters as well as interacting with the teams.

Working alongside like-minded individuals who share her passion is a privilege for Wendy. Collaborating seamlessly with her teams, she appreciates their views and acknowledges the importance of colleagues who support and look out for each other.

In her pursuit of self-care, she finds solace in attending gym classes regularly and ensuring periodic travel to rejuvenate.

Wendy encourages those seeking a well-rounded and fast-paced career to join her at NCSS. Just come with an open mind and be ready to make diverse contributions to the philanthropic landscape.