Mr Tan Khye Suan

30 Sep 2020
Khye Suan had a degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS), majoring in Economics and Statistics; and minor in Business Studies. He was awarded a scholarship from HDB and obtained a Master of Arts in Town and Regional Planning. 

He made a mid-career change at the age of 42 and obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work from NUS. Being directly involved in social work for the past 18 years, he has found passion in the following areas:
  • Out-of-Home Care; in particular, management, operations and effective intervention for children and youths, with various issues (foster and institutional care).

  • Trauma care and intervention.

  • Early intervention for mental well-being of children and youths.

  • Working with families on parenting issues; in particular, parenting teenagers.

His early years of work experience in HDB has enabled him to manage complex and multi-faceted issues and to be effective in problem-solving.  He had also received training in public speaking, presentation skills, writing official papers and speeches for senior management and political office-holders.

Having running his own business in the property and construction industry for a few years, he gained experience in business management, planning, operations and finance. Key takeaways that were useful and equipped him to manage changes were humility, diligence, resilience and resolve to work against the odds.
Khye Suan is also interested in the following areas:
  • Helping persons who have made mid-career change to cope.
  • Leadership roles in the social service sector.
  • Working with the Board on Governance issues.