Seeking Growth through Embracing Challenges

20 Dec 2019
Siti Madinah Binte Mohamed Salim
Social Worker
Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), Towner Gardens School (TGS)
Social service scholar joining Sun Ray

Being part of the Sun Ray scheme has opened many doors for me. For starters, I’ve been attached to a mentor who has guided me through my journey as a Social Worker and I’ve been provided multiple opportunities to go for leadership training. I have also participated in a sector-wide project which has allowed me to further gain knowledge about the industry, and learnt the importance of networking and collaborating with other professionals. I believe that this is especially beneficial because the sharing of ideas, approaches and strategies will ultimately benefit the clients that we work with.
Before joining Sun Ray, my focus was just on the cases and programmes under my care. Now, with each secondment under this scheme, I am encouraged to take on more responsibilities in leadership roles. Sun Ray has also provided a Talent Manager through which I can discuss my professional development and challenges with. I appreciate very much all my discussions with my Talent Manager because I am provided with a lot of insights, advice and clarity on my future path in the sector.
Are there challenges? Certainly. In my opinion, as a Sun Rayz, social service agencies we are seconded to may have higher expectations of us. However, working with my supervisor to clarify my role has definitely helped to minimise confusion and misunderstandings.
Some of the qualities that Sun Rayz should possess include being adaptable in different environments and working styles. Sun Rayz must be interested in going for new challenges and should be willing to take on new roles and responsibilities geared towards leadership positions. They should also be resilient because they will need to be humble and allow themselves some time to understand the work environment and culture of every new agency they are seconded to.
If you are ready for a challenge and also a career full of personal fulfilment, go for Sun Ray! It will not be a smooth journey but the sense of fulfilment you get with every person you manage to help or any contribution you’ve given to the agency that you are with is worth all the struggles.