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Capability & Capacity Building

We engage and support member social service agency in their organisational needs and development. We also enhance their programmes and capabilities together with our partners, ministries and stakeholders.

Capability Building

Capability building focuses on improving social service agencies’ manpower and organisational competencies through structure and support so that these competencies can be better optimised to enhance social service agencies’ productivity and ability in service delivery.
  • Innovation and Productivity (For more information on the initiatives to improve social service agencies’ organisational capabilities) 
  • Manpower Capabilities (For more information on NCSS’s initiatives to build capabilities of the social service sector)
  • Volunteer Resource Optimisation (For more information on how volunteering can be part of your lives)
  • NCSS Service Standards Framework (For more information on the framework of this programme)

Capacity Building

Capacity building grows the sector's manpower and organisational capabilities with member social service agencies sector professionals and industry experts and helps widen talent pipelines and build a larger pool of committed and skilled individuals such as:

Learning & Development and HR Management
At the Social Service Institute, training programmes, networking and learning events are part of the training needs. With the growing workforce demand in the social service sector, there is a rising need for sustainable human capabilities by identifying HR gaps and solutions.

NCSS' career centre also works with the social service agencies to source for and identify suitable candidates for available job positions. This includes thorough understanding of candidates' competencies, which leads to recommendations and career matches with the hirers. It will further provide skills upgrading information aligned to the training pathways of various social service professions.

Sector Professionals
The social service sector is a progressive industry that requires competent professionals to make a difference in our society. He or she must possess the conviction to serve in the community and take on a client-centric approach in providing professional help. Above all, these qualities must be balanced by compassion, empathy and resilience to overcome challenges.

Read more on social service careers.

Sun Ray
Sun Ray is a career scheme administered by the Social Service Institute (SSI), NCSS’s Human Capital Development Arm. It provides participants with a varied work portfolio that allows them to gain experience in various fields. If you have strong leadership qualities, passion to serve vulnerable groups, and values of client-centricity, resilience, integrity and compassion, join Sun Ray now to make a difference to the lives of others.

For more information on Sun Ray, please call us at 6589 5500 or email to