Translational Social Research

Guided by a firm commitment to data-driven service planning, NCSS engages in comprehensive research across various domains related to service users and the social service sector. The research outcomes are designed to provide meaningful insights, inform policy decisions, and contribute to evidence-based initiatives led by NCSS and the Social Service Sector.

Strategic Insights for Social Impact

NCSS designs and conducts nationwide surveys of identified service users and target groups. Data collected is then analysed using various frameworks, such as those measuring participants’ quality of life, attitudes/perceptions, or compared against other datasets to track changes over time. Study findings can be found under the "Research Publications" tab.
Enhancing Research and Evaluation Capabilities

NCSS also provides research-related platforms, resources, and tools for NCSS member SSAs to enhance their evaluation and research capabilities. These can be found under the "Research Engagements" and "Research Resources" tabs.


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