Sector Evaluation Framework

What is the Sector Evaluation Framework (SEF)?

NCSS’ Sector Evaluation Framework (SEF) is an outcome measurement framework that provides a common language for the different stakeholders in the sector to measure programme outcomes, track the progress of service users and articulate impact. This is achieved by using a consistent, validated outcome measure for all programmes with the same objective. For more information on the SEF, please refer to the SEF factsheet.

The two components of SEF are:

Sector Evaluation Framework Components

To allow for smoother transition, the SEF will be implemented gradually based on programmes’ funding renewal. We have onboarded close to 42 programmes in FY22, impacting more than 3,000 service users. Progressively, we seek to roll this out to all programmes in the coming years.

How can my agency begin conducting outcome evaluation and adopting the Sector Evaluation Framework (SEF)?

Social service agencies (SSAs) can refer to the Sector Evaluation Framework (SEF) Guide, which provides step-by-step instructions on the 6 steps involved in outcome evaluation. The guide also includes information on how NCSS will assist programmes onboard the SEF at each step, and a list of useful resources.

Click on the links above to understand what your agency can do at each step.


Which programme outcome measures should my agency use?

Under the SEF, NCSS recommends common outcome measures for programmes and interventions with similar objectives. These measures are chosen for their succinctness and must be clinically and/or statistically assessed for reliability and validity. You may refer to the factsheets linked below for more information on these measures and how they were selected.

Programme typeOutcomeMeasureFactsheet
CaregiversReduce caregiver burdenZarit Burden InterviewMetrics for Caregiver Programmes
Improve self-efficacyPearlin Mastery Scale
Children and YouthImprove positive youth development competenciesAchieve, Connect, Thrive! SG (ACT! SG)Metrics for Positive Youth Development
Engage in a positive mentoring relationshipMentor Youth Alliance Scale-
NAImprove social supportSocial Provisions ScaleMetrics for Social Support


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