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NCSS rallies partners to better engage volunteers and build their capability to enhance service delivery

11 Apr 2023

SINGAPORE, 11 APRIL 2023 – Findings from the Social Service Sector Survey on Volunteer Management (VM) conducted by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in 2022 revealed that social service agencies (SSAs) with VM practices were twice as likely to retain enough high-quality volunteers to meet organisational needs as compared to those without. NCSS, together with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), organised the inaugural Singapore VM Conference today, to showcase trends and best practices in VM.

  1. The conference brought together more than 2,000 participants (on-site and online) from the public, people and private sectors to learn about emerging trends in volunteerism, the importance of data and digitalisation in VM, among other topics. This includes the VM community from the non-profit organisations (NPOs) in the social service, sports and arts sectors, among others, as well as corporates and community partners.

  2. Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin shared his views on the important role that volunteers play in Singapore. The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has designated 2023 as the Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners. MSF, together with NCSS, seeks to recognise the integral contributions of partners from within and beyond the social service sector, to build strong families, resilient individuals, and a caring society.

NCSS works closely with NPOs to build VM capability

  1. Volunteers play an important role to augment the manpower capacity in the non-profit sector, while providing a stronger support system for those in need. NCSS has been working closely with NPOs, particularly those in the social service sector, to build strong VM processes and systems. In doing so, NPOs will be able to deliver better services to their users, while enhancing their own capability and capacity.

  2. NCSS’ 2022 Survey also indicated that more than 70% of SSAs agreed/strongly agreed that having dedicated volunteer managers led to an improvement in volunteers’ experience. Filos Community Services is an example of a social service agency that serves individuals and families, and operates the SG Cares Volunteer Centre @ Bedok with its team of dedicated volunteer managers. Through regular appreciation, communication and showcasing of their volunteers in newsletters and social media, Filos has enhanced the quality of volunteer experience, with 96% of their volunteers rating high volunteer satisfaction levels of 8 and above on a scale of 0 to 10.

Volunteer Resource Hub provides useful VM resources to organisations

  1. The Volunteer Resource Hub is a one-stop portal with VM resources, created by NCSS in partnership with the SG Cares Office, which are relevant to organisations across different sectors to strengthen their ability to engage volunteers. The Hub contains resources including VM Toolkit 2.0, Learning and Development Roadmap and the Volunteer Role Redesign Guide.

  2. Catholic Welfare Services (CWS) is one that has made use of these resources and leveraged technology to strengthen its VM processes. CWS has about 500 staff, and more than 500 volunteers, out of which around 200 are active volunteers. With a centralised VM system and clear volunteer role descriptions, key responsibilities, and desired volunteer profiles, CWS saw an 87% increase in total number of volunteers from 2020 to 2022.

  3. Strong VM practices are also relevant to businesses in ensuring that their corporate social responsibility efforts are impactful and sustainable. CapitaLand, for instance, provides its staff with three days of volunteer service leave (VSL) and has expanded its leave policy to include volunteer no-pay leave and volunteer part-time leave. To support its staff in their volunteerism efforts, CapitaLand’s philanthropic arm, CapitaLand Hope Foundation, donates to a charity of the staff’s choice if the staff utilises all three days of VSL within the year.

Annex – Translations of Key Terms

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About National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

NCSS is the umbrella body for over 500-member social service agencies in Singapore. Its mission is to provide leadership and direction in enhancing the capabilities and capacity of our members, advocating for social service needs and strengthening strategic partnerships, for an effective social service ecosystem. Community Chest is the fundraising and engagement arm of NCSS and Social Service Institute (SSI) is the human capital development arm of NCSS.

About SG Cares Movement

SG Cares is a national movement dedicated to building a more caring and inclusive home for all. The movement invites all who live in Singapore to put values into action through active volunteerism, ground-up efforts and everyday acts of care. It also aims to build capability across various sectors and organisations to grow opportunities for volunteering. By inspiring and supporting one another, we can show the world that we are a nation with a big heart. Find out more:

Annex   Translations of Key Terms





Community Capability Trust


Dana Amanah Keupayaan Masyarakat

சமூக ஆற்றல் அறக்கட்டளை நித

Skills-based Volunteerism Framework

技能型义工服务框 架

Rangka Kerja Kesukarelawanan Berasaskan Kemahiran

திறன்கை் அடிப்பளடயிலா ன த ாண் டூழியக் கட்டளைப்ப

Social Service agency


Agensi perkhidmatan sosial

சமூக சசளை அளைப்ப

National Council of Social Service


Majlis Kebangsaan Perkhidmatan Sosial

ச சியச்சமூகச் சசளை ைன் றை

Volunteer Development Framework


Rangka Kerja Pembangunan Sukarelawan

த ாண் டூழியர் சைை்பாடுக் கட்டளைப்ப

Volunteer Management Framework


Rangka Kerja Pengurusan Sukarelawan

த ாண் டூழியர் நிர்ைகிப்புப் பணிச்சட்டை

Volunteer Management Capability Development Consultancy Project 7.0

义工管理技能发展 咨询项目

Projek Perundingan Pembangunan Keupayaan Pengurusan Sukarelawan

த ாண் டூழியர் நிர்ைகிப்பில் திறன், ஆற்றல் சைை்பாடு ஆசலாசளன ் திட்டப்பணி 7.0

Volunteer Management Maturity Matrix

义工管理成熟度指 标

Indeks Kematangan Pengurusan Sukarelawan

த ாண் டூழியர் நிர்ைகிப்பு முதிர்ச்சிநிளல க்குறியீட


Ms Anita Fam
President, National Council of Social Service


Ms Tan Li San
Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Social Service


Professor Tan Tai Yong
President, Singapore University of Social Sciences