NCSS Rallies Social Service Agencies and Corporates to Strengthen Partnerships and Foster Sustainable Philanthropy

18 Jul 2023

Tuesday, 18 July 2023 –The Sustainable Philanthropy Framework (“Framework”) to guide corporates to measure and monitor the social impact of their donations, volunteering, and inclusive hiring practices, was announced today at the Social Service Summit organised by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). It will be accompanied by a Playbook to guide corporates on the steps to take to strengthen partnerships with social service agencies (SSAs). These holistic, long-term giving will enable the sector to mobilise resources in a sustainable way. NCSS also plans to roll out a series of guides for SSAs, including a fundraising playbook to help SSAs identify areas of improvement and how they can better partner corporates to support their services.

Strengthening the social service ecosystem with sustainable partnerships

  1. To help businesses better shape and track the ‘Social’ aspect of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts, NCSS is co-developing a Framework with National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), with inputs from Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), SG Cares Office in the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) and corporates.
  2. The Framework will define the ‘S’ in ESG to help corporates to measure and monitor the impact of their philanthropic efforts. It will also include a Playbook to guide corporates to broaden and deepen their efforts, regardless of where they are on their philanthropic journey. NCSS plans to release the Framework and Playbook in the first quarter of 2024.
  3. “We need to continue increasing the avenues for cross-sector partnerships where both corporates and SSAs leverage each other's strengths to amplify impact on those we serve. As we continue to engage relevant stakeholders to foster sustainable philanthropy, we invite corporates to share your views and feedback and to adopt the Framework when it is launched,” said Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minster for Health, at the event.
  4. To enable more partnerships, NCSS collaborated with NVPC to bring over 80 corporates to the inaugural State of Play, held on Day Two of the Summit. This segment will not only enable corporates to have a deeper understanding of the sector’s work, but also allow SSAs to understand the goals of corporates and how they can best work together.

Building people practice capabilities for sustainable manpower

  1. Speaking at the Summit, Ms. Anita Fam, NCSS President, affirmed NCSS’ commitment to work with ecosystem partners to improve people practices in SSAs and support social service professionals. These include initiatives to help SSAs attract, develop and retain talents, as well as a newly launched online Wellness Resource Hub in the Social Service Tribe portal to provide sector professionals seamless access to resources and practical tips on self-care. Supervisors and Human Resource personnel can also access resources to manage employees’ mental well-being.
  2. Later this year, NCSS will be holding the inaugural Social Service Tribe Festival to educate and raise awareness on careers in social service, career pathways and capability development initiatives. The event will also celebrate the achievements of sector professionals and volunteers as well as for them to connect with other like-minded peers.

Leveraging partnerships and digitalisation for a future-directed sector

  1. Themed “Strengthening Connections, Partnering for Impact”, the event saw about 700 representatives from SSAs, corporates and public agencies gathered to gain insights on ecosystem thinking. Guest speaker, Mr. Ho Kwon Ping, Founder and Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, discussed the importance of enhancing relationships between SSAs and corporates; and Mr. Chatri Sityodtong, Chief Executive Officer of ONE Championship, shared on how he navigated the challenges in his entrepreneurial journey, how the experiences could apply to the social service sector, as well as the learnings that non-profit leaders could draw from business leaders.
  2. The Summit also features the inaugural Transformation Marketplace that showcases technology solutions driving greater delivery of social services, and technology transformations within the residential home and community service settings made possible by support from NCSS and the Agency for Integrated Care, to inspire SSAs with different digital archetypes to learn from other agencies that have improved their organisational capabilities (Annex A).
  3. For example, Epworth Community Services uses InteractAI platform as a virtual reality training programme for their literacy teachers. The generative AI conversation platform creates life-like virtual humans for learners to interact with and gain confidence in real-life scenarios, improving communication skills of teachers more effectively and ultimately benefitting the children under their care.
  4. These transformative efforts and cross-sector collaborations enable the social service sector to be future-directed and develop solutions that best suit the needs of the service users and collectively achieve the collective vision outlined in the sector roadmap, Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) of everyone being empowered to live a life of dignity in a caring and inclusive society.

Annex A – Technology solutions showcased at Transformation Marketplace

Annex B – Translations of Key Terms

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About National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

NCSS is the umbrella body for over 450 member social service agencies in Singapore. Its mission is to provide leadership and direction in enhancing the capabilities and capacity of its members, advocating for social service needs and strengthening strategic partnerships, for an effective social service ecosystem. Community Chest is the fundraising and engagement arm of NCSS and Social Service Institute (SSI) is the human capital development arm of NCSS.

About Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts

The Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) is a five year roadmap for the sector, co- developed by NCSS with stakeholders in the social service ecosystem - member social service agencies, service users, government, community, business leaders and civic-­minded individuals. It is guided by a person-centred and holistic approach towards advancing the quality of life for individuals. The 4ST calls for active participation and collaboration so that everyone in the ecosystem plays a part to achieve a shared vision, where every person is empowered to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society. For more information, please visit

Annex A – Technology solutions showcased at Transformation Marketplace

S/N Technology Solution and Description Participating Partner / SSA
Zone 2 – At the Centre
1 Non-Profit Cloud offers a unified platform that encompasses programme and outcomes management, case management, volunteer and donor management, and grant management. Additionally, it provides integrated features for website, marketing, and communications, all while ensuring data security and compliance for organisations. Salesforce / Centre for Seniors
2 Robotic Process Automation employs software robots ("bots") to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks in business processes. Bots imitate human interactions with computer systems and applications for manual and repetitive tasks like data entry, form filling, calculations, messaging, and report generation. Singapore Polytechnic / Thye Hua Kwan EIPIC
3 Attendance & Participation Management uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to automate attendance tracking and management with unique identity tags/cards and a wireless reader. As individuals pass by the reader, it detects the RFID tag and updates the attendance management software, enabling real-time report generation. Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd / Banyan Home @ Pelangi Village
4 Assisted Case Recording & Analytics uses Speech-to-Text and text mining technology to auto-generate transcriptions and analytics for case notes. Caseworkers record sessions with service users via a mobile app or embedded web-based video conferencing tool. Transcriptions are summarised and structured based on a casework framework, providing analytics on service user progress and intervention effectiveness. (Speech-to-text App) KILSA Global Pte. Ltd. (Analytics) / Viriya Family Service Centre
5 Appointment Management System allows caseworkers to schedule appointments with service users, send customisable reminders and simply set-up of meetings. It also offers convenient rescheduling options for service users and enables caseworkers to update the status of each case session. Hyron Infotech Pte Ltd (D.B.A. ThunderQuote) / AWWA Family Service Centre
6 Case Allocation Solution assigns cases to caseworkers according to their caseloads, case types, and competency levels. It provides a recommendation for case allocation, which is then validated by the supervisor. Additionally, the system allows the supervisor to accept the recommendation or manually select another caseworker, if required. KILSA Global Pte. Ltd. / Monfort Care (Marine Parade FSC)
7 Competency Management System is an integrated solution that supports the development of staff competencies and learning requirements. It effectively tracks staff training, manages learning needs, assesses competencies, and generates reports. Human Resource staff can utilise the system to align each role with the appropriate competencies, proficiency levels, and behavioural indicators. Centranum Singapore Pte Ltd. / AMK Family Service Centre
8 Task Automation System facilitates efficient tracking of case activities, caseloads, and service user progress. It enables streamlined clinical workflow processes with the ability to log supervisory notes. Caseworkers and supervisors benefit from auto-generated task reminders, insightful reports, and user-friendly dashboards, ensuring prompt case follow-up. ThunderQuote / Fei Yue Youth
9 Access Control System uses facial biometrics recognition for access control to authenticate individuals and regulate their access to secure areas. This solution captures and verifies a person's face against a database of known individuals to establish their identity. It can also be employed for attendance-tracking, thus eliminating the requirement for manual timekeeping. PENSEES / Trybe
10 Generative AI Training from InteractAI is an innovative Virtual Human Conversation platform designed to simulate real-life scenarios for training professionals in fields like medicine, education, and service. It utilises AI and machine learning to accurately mimic human conversation, providing natural responses to questions and prompts. Learners can engage in interactive discussions with virtual humans and receive immediate feedback. InteractAI / Epworth Community Services
11 Visitor Management System includes a user-friendly self-registration feature for tracking and managing visitor movement in facilities. With self-service kiosks, visitors can register and check-in with minimal staff assistance. This system can also include attendance-taking for staff and integrate with existing access controls for a seamless experience. Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd / Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
12 The CARES Centre Management System automates case, clinical and operational management, fostering cross-departmental collaboration. It enables easy access and updating of resident records, while facilitating shared reports for multidisciplinary care teams. Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd / AWWA Adult Disability Home
Zone 3 – Within the Residential Home
1 Disinfection & Air Purification Robot utilises HEPA filter and a UVC light chamber to effectively disinfect both surfaces and air. Its UV disinfection feature employs UVC light to eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogens, while ensuring human safety through a module that shields against UVC rays. DiSa Ltd / Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home
2 Emergency Monitoring & Prevention System from SoundEye provides a comprehensive solution combining analytics and hardware devices to detect emergencies, track abnormal sounds, and prevent falls. It accurately distinguishes between real screams and ambient environmental audio, enabling real-time incident detection in sensitive areas like toilets and high-traffic communal areas. This continuous monitoring offers staff and caregivers reassurance as they can promptly verify the incident and respond within seconds. Soundeye / Meranti Home (Welfare Home)
3 Smart Surveillance System uses Virtual Guard, a comprehensive platform combining intelligent IP cameras with video analytics, a two-way intercom and access control systems. Supported by a 24/7 command centre, it enables proactive remote monitoring. With ARVAS-powered AI-assisted video anomaly detection, it automatically analyses video streams in real time, detecting abnormal behaviour and allowing prompt action to address potential threats. Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd / Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (Voluntary Children's Home)
4 Behavioural Prediction & Management System employs automated analysis of video footage, utilising computer algorithms to extract valuable insights. This includes behaviour recognition, such as identifying and predicting fights, falls, or loitering. The system can enhance security by promptly notifying agency staff of potential incidents through mobile or email alerts, with a concise video attachment. PENSEES / Trybe
5 Self-Assisted Feeding Robot comprises a robotic arm, a spoon and an automated control system. By pressing a button, users can independently perform feeding tasks, including scooping food from a plate and delivering it to the mouth with precise movements and customisable settings. Paediatric Seating Solutions Pte Ltd. / CPAS SPED School
6 Medicine Packaging System ensures accurate medication packaging for service users, including correct dosages. Staff are guided to load prescribed medication, which is automatically sealed in a series of airtight transparent pouches for multi-dose use. Individual pouches are printed with service users' names and dosage information. Omni-Health Pte Ltd / The Singapore Cheshire Home
7 Smart Residential Home Management System & Health Care Tech is a comprehensive residential home management solution that integrates health care and security systems using IoT and mobile technology. It utilises wearable devices, transponders and a mobile app for real-time location monitoring, fall/fight detection, geofencing, attendance-tracking, duress alerts, access control, laundry management and contact tracing. The solution also employs a resident wellness index for early detection of medical needs. Essence Singapore / St. John's Home for the Elderly
8 The Chef Partnership programme is an End-to-End Meal Preparation Technology, and offers a comprehensive analysis by a consultant to improve processes, streamline workflow, and incorporate high-tech equipment. The programme provides customised solutions, including kitchen design input and staff training, as well as collaboration on menu planning to ensure resident satisfaction with taste and nutrition. The Autonomous Mobile Robot is a logistics robot deployed to assist in delivering materials to care facilities, handling tasks such as food, waste, laundry, and consumables. They autonomously interface with lifts and doors, conducting multiple daily deliveries. Project Chef Pte Ltd (Meal Prep) / Moral Home for the Aged Sick (Meal Prep) Hope Technik (Delivery Robot) / St Andrew’s Nursing Home (Queensway) (Delivery robot)
9 Fall Detection & Prevention System for PreSAGE is a thermography sensor-based solution with on-edge AI-driven capabilities for monitoring inpatients and the elderly. Thermography sensor enables image-based analytics for person recognition yet is privacy-preserved, effective and accurate. In ward or residential home environments, PreSAGE continuously and discreetly monitors patients, predicting bed-exit motion and triggering alarms for staff intervention. Staff respond to fall alerts by first verifying situations via the privacy-preserving live feed and engaging first responders, if necessary. PreSAGE ConeX / St. Andrew's Nursing Home (Queensway)
Zone 4 – In the Community
1 Vital Signs Monitoring System is an IM-Healthy AI solution empowers seniors in Active Aging Centres to achieve better preventive healthcare through regular self-monitoring and tracking of vital signs, including height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and body composition. Involving healthcare professionals and family members fosters a community-driven care network that supports seniors' well-being. Lions Befrienders
2 Geospatial Community & Outreach Management for the Community Map App utilises an interactive map for staff, case or community workers to navigate and document their interactions with service users. During outreach sessions or community work, staff can simply tap on a location within the map to attach brief notes to plot the highly frequented locations of their service users. MOGOS Pte. Ltd / Viriya Family Service Centre
3 Smart Music Rehabilitation Therapy Solution for Soundbeam utilises touch-free sensor rays, wireless switches, and an integrated music-making programme to translate movement into music, accompanied with fun choreography and local music. It gives children and adults, regardless of their impairments or disability, the opportunity to play music and become expressive and communicative. This sense of control, action and independence motivates and stimulates learning and interaction. I’m Soul Inc / AWWA Adult Disability Home
4 Mental Health Management Chatbot, Myloh eBuddy mobile app, employs an AI chatbot to support self-awareness of mental health. It offers self-help tips, wellness exercises and goal-setting to aid users in managing emotions and mental well-being. Social workers can utilise Myloh to track daily mood reports, analyse sentiment trends and suggest self-care activities. MYLOH / SHINE Children and Youth Services
5 Mobile Showering Solution, a portable bed bath basin, inflates effortlessly with a small electric hand pump, allowing day care staff to conveniently pack and provide bathing assistance to bedbound service users in their homes. Its portability and easy setup significantly improved productivity and welfare for both care staff and service users. SATA CommHealth
6 Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Therapy Solution enables service users to practice daily living skills and chores in a virtual environment. This includes dressing, showering and even community activities like shopping and taking public transport. It tracks and stores performance data and can be used alongside other equipment (e.g., Saebo glove, Stim Pro and MAS) for a holistic and comprehensive rehabilitation programme to promote recovery post-stroke, deconditioning, hip fractures, while enhancing attention and cognitive capabilities. Zao Inc / SATA CommHealth
7 Human Circadian Rhythm Support Solution features a Smart Human-Centric Lighting to mimic a natural circadian rhythm, keeping residents well-oriented to the time/state of day and their daily activities and effectively mitigating behaviours of concern amongst dementia residents. Faithtech Global Pte Ltd / Peacehaven Nursing Home, Jade Circle
8 Smart Learning Solution, Smart Board, is an interactive display that provides access to collaboration tools, a digital whiteboard, a web browser, and wireless screen-sharing. Staff can easily write, draw, annotate, and manipulate objects on the board using a finger or stylus. It also supports multimedia integration, allowing videos, images, and online resources. The solution records sessions, enabling easy editing through the touch-panel, thus promoting interaction and engagement among service users. EP Technology Pte Ltd / AWWA Day Activity Centre
9 Gamified Rehabilitation Technology, omiVista Mobii, is an interactive mobile projector with adjustable height that is capable of projecting onto floors and tables. It comes with locally-developed apps, allowing users to enhance their motor skills, cognitive abilities, collaboration, and reminiscence. Leedon Technology Pte Ltd / Metta Welfare Association
10 Learning Management System, Gnowbe, is a mobile-first microlearning platform that offers an intuitive authoring tool, enabling trainers and teachers to design, digitise, and expand shared learning experiences. Supported by robust analytics, Customer Relationship Management, and an e-commerce engine, it provides effective learner management. Gnowbe features group boards for collaborative learning, scheduled session deployment, built-in gamification, offline access, and push notifications for enhanced engagement. Gnowbe / AMKFSC (Youth Infinity)
11 Multifunctional Telepresence Robot, temi V3, is a versatile, voice-activated service robot that can move independently within indoor environments. It is designed to assist in tasks such as making roving reminder announcements, spraying disinfectants, playing educational videos and games, chitchatting through ChatGPT and more. temi’s built-in face-tracking screen and cameras also enable multi-party video calls. RoboSolutions Pte Ltd / AWWA Day Activity Centre


Annex B – Translations of Key Terms





4ST Partnership Fund 4ST 协作基金 Dana Perkongsian 4ST 4எஸ் டி கூட்டாண் வை நிதி
Community Capability Trust 社会服务提升信托 Dana Amanah Keupayaan Masyarakat சமூக ஆற்றல் அறக்கட்டளை நிதி
Fundraising Playbook 筹款手册 Buku Panduan/ Panduan pengumpulan dana நிதி திரட்டுதல் பற்றிய கையேடு
Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) 社会服务领域策略重点 Teras Strategik Sektor Perkhidmatan Sosial (4ST) சமூக சேவைத் துறைக்கான உத்திபூர்வத் திட்டங்கள்
Social Service Summit 社会服务峰会 Sidang Puncak Perkhidmatan Sosial சமூக சேவை உச்சநிலை மாநாடு
Sustainable Philanthropy Framework 可持续慈善框架 Rangka Kedermawanan Yang Mampan நீடித்த பரோபகார கட்டமைப்பு
Sustainable Philanthropy Playbook 可持续慈善制定手册 Buku Panduan/ Panduan untuk Kedermawanan yang Mampan நீடித்த பரோபகார கையேடு புத்தகம்
Transformation Marketplace 转型市场 Pasaran Transformasi உருமாற்றச் சந்தை
Wellness Resource Hub 健康养生资源中心 Pusat Sumber Kesejahtaeraan நல்வாழ்வு வளங்கள் மையம்