About Social Service Agencies, Charities & IPCs


What are Social Service Agencies?

Social service agencies are non-profit organisations that provide services to benefit the community. Social service agencies are typically set up as societies, companies limited by guarantee or trusts.

For information on how to set up and register a social service agency, as well as the differences between the three legal structures (Society/ Company Limited by Guarantee/ Trust), please refer to the Law Society Pro Bono Services.

What are Charities?

Charities are not-for-profit organisations exclusively set up for charitable purposes and carry out activities to achieve these purposes which benefit the public.


What are Institutions of a Public Character (IPC)?

Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) are exempt or registered charities which are able to issue tax deductible receipts for qualifying donations to donors.
For more information on setting up Charities and IPCs, please refer to the Charity Portal.