NCSS administers and allocates a range of funding and resources to social service agencies. The centralised fund allocation at NCSS enables better optimisation of key resources to support social service agencies in needed services and projects.  The funds administered by NCSS are:

  1. Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs)-Charities Capability Fund (VCF)‚Äč

       The VCF grant comprises of:
  • Innovation and Productivity Grant (IPG);
    • Adopting and Scaling of Innovation and Productivity Improvements
    • IT Adoption
    • Pre-Scoped Consultancy
    • Research
  • Organisational Development Grant (ODG); and
    • Organisational Development
    • Clinical Supervision
    • Grants For Charities
  • Professional Capability Grant (PCG) 
    • Local Training Grant
    • Overseas Training Grant
    • Graduate Diploma / Bachelor Degree for Social Workers
    • Master's Degree / Graduate Diploma for Psychologists
    • Social Service Awards - Diploma / Degree / Post Grad Diploma
    • Social Service Scholarships
    • Professional Conversion Programme
    • Singapore Industry Scholarship (SgIS)
    • Leadership Development Programme
    • Professional Development and Management Programme
    • Sabbatical Leave Scheme
    • Open Grant
  1. Community Chest Fund

  2. Tote Board Social Service Fund