Professional Capability Grant (PCG)

Empowering Social Service Excellence

The Professional Capability Grant (PCG) is your gateway to nurturing excellence within the social service sector. It provides vital support for scholarships, awards, short-term local training courses/conferences, and higher education programmes.

Our Intent

PCG is dedicated to empowering Social Service Agencies (SSAs) with the means to bolster both their human resources and organisational capacity. Our goal is to equip social service professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the evolving needs of our sector.

General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant Eligibility: Applicant must be a staff member of an NCSS-member agency and/or MSF-funded agency.
  • Course Eligibility: The selected course must be social service related. It should be directly relevant to the job scope of the SSA's applicant.
  • Funding Restrictions: Funding will not be extended to courses that have already commenced.

Explore PCG Schemes below:


icon Advanced Leadership (For Heads of Agencies and Senior Leaders)

icon Foundational Leadership

icon Intermediate Leadership (For Heads of Department and Senior Specialists)

icon Local Training Grant (Short Courses, Accredited Certificate Courses)

icon Local Training Grant (for Training Providers)

icon Open Grant

icon Overseas Training Grant

icon Professional Development Sponsorship (Degree in Social Work, Masters in Psychology and other Higher Education Courses)

icon Sabbatical Leave Scheme