Scholarship and Study Awards (For Students)

Are you looking to advance your studies in programmes related to social service? We warmly extend an invitation for you to apply for our scholarships and study awards.

We provide scholarships to exceptional individuals who exemplify strong leadership qualities, possess a deep-seated passion for the social service sector, and maintain an unwavering commitment to pursue their studies in social work and other disciplines connected to social services. Through this, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, nurture your skills, embark on a transformative learning journey, and receive recognition for your unwavering dedication to the community.

No matter which phase you find yourself in or the type of further studies you seek, a variety of sponsorships are available for you to explore:

Intended GroupLevel of Studies SupportedScholarships and Study Awards
New to Social Service SectorUndergraduate Studies
Postgraduate Studies


For more details and to start your journey towards a fulfilling education in social service, please visit Social Service Tribe Study Award Information.